Practical & Trendy Short Haircuts You Don’t Want to Miss

Short Haircuts

Some women still think that short haircuts are all about limitations. But, they have no idea how much they limit themselves when they let such thoughts take over! Short hair has become a unique way for women to embrace the freedom and versatility of styling while enhancing their best features. And today, their popularity has grown to enormous heights, becoming new favorites with celebrities, fashion icons, and girls living next door to you. Of course, one can go wrong with a short haircut. However, that only happens if you pick the wrong one. For best scissors visit SakiShears

While there are lots of ways to customize your haircut and let your character speak through your short locks, the number of short haircuts seems to be just eternal. Thanks to hair-trend seekers, we’ve highlighted the most radiant short hair ideas that you’re going to spot on the red carpet and catwalks. Now, go have a look at what you’re missing not wearing your hair short! 

What Short Haircuts Are The Most Popular Now?

Some haircuts are cut out to be all-time favors that we claim to be ageless classics. And before becoming classics, they show up as trends, turning the fashion world upside down. Here, we’ve gathered trending short haircuts for women that the latest fashion forecasts predict to never fade away! 

Undercut Pixie

Gone are those days when men were the ones who shaved their sides off: make way for the feminine side of the sophisticated cut! You can pair it with your pixie, experimenting with the texture on top and fades on the sides for a tailored look. 

Shattered Pixie Cut

There’s nothing like a lively pixie with dynamic movement in the hair. No matter how long or short it is, it looks unbearably attractive with short messy layers. And, of course, it’s super easy to maintain and style.

Short Haircuts

Layered Choppy Bob

You’re probably familiar with this crowd-pleaser: the top layer of hair is spiced up with choppy feathers that add tons of body and volume. Plus, it works best for thick and thin locks. 

Angled A-Lines Cuts

Sharpness and edginess will never lose their charm, especially if you wear it straight and non-layered.

Bowl-to-Pixie Cuts

The bowl seems to have taken the world once and for good with its versatile modern versions that can blend with layers, undercuts, pixies, and bobs!

Rounded Bob with Long Bangs

A rounded bob is something every woman should try, and today modern hairstylists recommend pairing it with long bangs to modernize it with a play of textures and enhance the sultry silhouette by framing.

Super Short Pixies

Those who follow the boom on naturalness and are ready to open up their faces should try the shortest version of pixies. They’ve gone especially big this year, as they open up girls’ faces and serve as a bold finishing touch to anything from girly dresses to strict suits.

Short Haircuts

Best Short Haircuts to Match Your Face Shape

The key to choosing the best short haircut for you lies in an individual approach. As much as you like a cut, it may not suit you like it suits other women. However, there’s always a way to make the cut work for you. And, first of all, you should consider your face shape.

  • Round faces should avoid haircuts that open up the cheek-area, opting for something with bangs and round silhouettes like long pixies with a side fringe or rounded bobs.
  • Square faces look best with sharp angles and slightly rounded bodies, as well as bangs and layers. 
  • Oval faces have the most balanced features, so they can go with anything from undercuts to choppy pixies. 
  • Oblong faces should add more visual width to their looks, and middle-parted layered messy waves are the best pick of the year for them.
  • Diamond faces will look more balanced with any haircut if you pair it with a side-swept fringe. 
  • Heart-shaped faces have a cute narrow chin that you can smooth out with voluminous layered pixie bobs and long side bangs. 
  • Triangular faces should ensure they’ve got enough volume on top, and wavy side-parted pixies and asymmetrical bobs are irreplaceable here.

Short hair is no commitment when you know what to consider on your way to picking a look for a change. There’s an ideal short haircut for every woman that’s waiting for you to overcome hesitation. If you want an effortless hair care routine with a radiant trendy look, then go for it! Besides, you already know what cuts will help you win the game.


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