Promotion with natural links: main features


Natural links are external links that appear on your web resource without your actions. This means that the owner of another site put a backlink to your site himself, and you did not pay him anything for it. However, as soon as we begin to consider special cases, the Natural Link Building no longer seems so clear.

It is important to evaluate each link, and also to keep in mind what kind of link profile the resource should have. Let’s analyze the main points.

Diversity of backlinks

The link profile should be varied. You can not use one type of link.

Use different technical implementations:

  • dofollow;
  • nofollow;
  • redirect.

Utilize a variety of anchors: from branded to pictures, as well as different methods of obtaining them.

Site topic

If a page about poetry refers to log cabins, this is unnatural. The best way is when the topic is respected through all the resources. However, it will also be enough if the theme is respected at the page level. If the media refers to you, then it is unlikely that all the news will be on one topic. (

Not one external link on the page

It looks unnatural when the site has only one link and it leads to your resource. It is better to have links to other resources from one document. Some think that there will be less weight in this way. However, for such links of the same type, getting under the filter of search engines is not uncommon.

Link profile dynamics

This option should be consistently positive. Links should be constantly added to your site. This indicates that the site is developing and interesting to the audience.

One of the safest and most effective methods to set positive link profile dynamics is guest posting for seo.

In addition, to analyze the effectiveness of link promotion and monitor the dynamics of the appearance of external links, use services for analyzing backlinks to the site.

Link explosion is a natural promotion of the site

Link explosion is the appearance of a large number of external links to the site in a fairly short period. This is the best thing that can happen to your site! However, on the condition that the positive dynamics of the increase in donors continue to be maintained.

If you did some kind of profile or directory run, you will get a sharp jump, and then, most likely, the links will fall off. Such a situation is disastrous for the project.

A site may have a natural link explosion as a result of a strong PR move, but in this case, the situation will be somewhat different, and after it, there will not be a drop in links, but only their growth.


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