Raid Shadow Legends For Pc – How To Install?

    Raid Shadow Legends For PC

    RAID Shadow Legends presents us with a fantastic cut role-playing game with very realistic graphics. With hundreds of champions divided into 16 factions. To save the world of Teleria, you must recruit legendary warriors from the forces of light and also of darkness. Your mission will be to train them so that together, they can face the most fearsome enemies in search of priceless treasures. So, today we will talk about how to install Raid Shadow Legends on PC?

    Raid Shadow Legends was first released as a mobile game on July 29, 2016. It is then ported to PC on January 21, 2020. You can select hundreds of champions: sorcerers, skin changers, knights, elves, undead, etc. All this to be able to face your enemies. At the same time, you will have to face considerably difficult bosses that will give you a lot of experience to level up and, above all, shadow legends for pc

    If you decide to face these again, it will be a much more difficult challenge. But this game will give you more rewards. It also has a PVP arena, player vs. player. To face other players and unlock special equipment that you can only obtain in this place.

    To finish, in terms of the graphics, we can do nothing more than speak wonders of a fairly optimized game, ideal to work on most devices. Even the low or mid-range ones.

    Raid shadow legends on PC

    Game Description

    The kingdom of Teleria is subdued under the shadow of the Dark Lord Siroth. You are one of many long-perished Telerian warriors resurrected by Teleria’s immortal guardian, the Mediator, to stop him. Discover different strategies, innovative combined PvE and PvP game modes, unmatched character skill customization, and Clan-centric cooperative play. Join players from all over the world and write your name among the heroes of Teleria.

    Arena PvP

    Drop the gauntlet and fight other players in fierce Arena battles. Kill your rivals, rank up, and get valuable rewards. Move up the Leaderboard for rewards and respect!

    400+ Champions

    Victory awaits those who gather the right Champions. Get close to Orcs, Undead, and Lizardmen to unite them as one. Earn the loyalty of Champions from 16 different Factions and triumph.

    Boss battles

    Take on fearsome bosses to earn loot, XP, and special Champions! Overcome the Castle of the Fire Knight, the Peak of the Ice Golem, the Nest of Spiders, the Lair of the Dragon, and more.

    More than 1M options

    Unlock various Masteries and customize your party your way. Level up your Champions to complement each other and devise a strategy to make the most of them. Stand out from the rest and dominate!

    How to install Raid shadow legends on a PC?

    To install the PC version, all you have to do is download the Plarium Play launcher. You have to create an account if necessary and install the game, which weighs just over 5 GB.

    Step 1 – Install Bluestacks

    While download Raid Shadow Legends on a PC, it is first necessary to install an emulator. In this case, we will use Bluestacks, the most famous and well-known on the market.

    Bluestacks is an Android system emulator that allows us to install Android games and applications on our computer, just as if we were running it on a mobile phone.

    Step 2 – Download Raid Shadow Legends for PC

    • Install and open Bluestacks.
    • At the top right, you will find a search box. Write Raid Shadow Legends there and click to search.
    • The same emulator will take you to Google Play. There you must click on the Raid Shadow Legends icon.
    • Once open, click where it says Install.
    • Ready! Once the installation is done, you can open it and enjoy Raid Shadow Legends on your computer.


    Raid Shadow Legends Mod APK Features

    The most interesting thing about this game is getting huge free resources like gems, gold, silver coins, etc. Also, in Raid Shadow Legends Mod APK provides you unlimited energy to win the battle.

    raid shadow legends for pc

    It is not that hard to beat your opponent’s player; rather, it’s quite easy. The silver and gold coins are unlimited here. This game is free so that you can enjoy it with a lot of resources. Here we listed what you are going to get in Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk below:

    • Unlimited Gems
    • Unlimited Silver Coins
    • No-root needed
    • Full of Energy
    • Unlimited Gold Coins

    How to install RAID: Shadow Legends Mod APK?

    • At first, need to uninstall RAID: Shadow Legends original version if you already have installed it.
    • Download RAID: Shadow Legends Mod APK.
    • After complete the download, you need to find the apk file and install it.
    • You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside of the Play Store.
    • Then, you can open and enjoy the RAID: Shadow Legends Mod APK.

    Raid Shadow Legends Equipment

    Beyond the equipment, champions can be strengthened and optimized thanks to the many buildings found in the Bastion.

    Raid Shadow Legends Lobby

    The Bastion is divided into several buildings that we will unlock as we progress and our raids:

    We have to start the Portal, which allows against shards of Common to Legendary and a little money to collect champions according to a Gacha system. We, therefore, know the rarity of the champion that we will obtain, but the rest will be entirely random. It is also possible to create champions by merging duplicates of lower rarity or with a given rare resource.

    Raid Shadow Legends Portal

    The Great Hall allows you to obtain passive bonuses for each of the affinities (Magic, Spirit, Force, and Void). It is necessary to gather resources accessible only through the PVP part of the game, to which we will come back.

    Raid Shadow Legends Great Hall

    The Tavern allows you to fully optimize your team by leveling your champions through the sacrifice of unnecessary champions to improve their skills and talents via resources collected in specific parts of the game’s PVE mode.

    Raid Shadow Legends Tavern

    • The Battle Pit, allowing you to train a champion and level him up. Useful for fresh champions that it cannot take to higher-level fights.
    • The Market, which, as its name suggests, allows you to buy certain resources.
    • The Forge, which, as its name suggests, also makes it possible to manufacture equipment and thus potentially complete certain sets for its champions.
    • The Mine, which allows you to generate Gems over time, is one of the game’s resources.

    PVP Arena

    MMORPG requires Raid: Shadow Legends has as much a PVE component as PVP. It is, therefore, possible to pit your teams of champions against those of players from around the world.

    For this, there is first the Arena mode, which offers two aspects:

    • A Defense mode, where you allocate your most powerful champions and let them compete against opposing attackers, collecting resources in the process according to your results.
    • An Attack mode, where you will have to control your champions to face opposing defenders manually this time.
    • There is also the possibility of fighting large-scale battles thanks to the classic clan system, allowing to face the armies of other clans against loot always tastier when it is ripped in front of players.

    Monetization invasive

    Free-to-play and Gacha oblige, Raid: Shadow Legends inevitably offers an aggressive monetization system.

    Barely finished the tutorial, and between each mission, we are assailed with pop-ups offering us packs of twenty or thirty dollars (the Anglicism which makes resistance, once again) and other forms of Battle Passes.

    Battle Pass

    You can purchase all in-game resources for real money, even shards to unlock a random champion. Admittedly, this remains random, but it is much more tedious to recover certain resources by hand than to go to the cash register. Nothing new under the sun for a freemium game, unfortunately.

    FAQ on Raid shadow legends for PC

    1. How much does RAID Shadow Legends PC weigh?

    What is the download size of the game Raid Shadow Legends, or what is the full install size of the game? The time of RAID installation for PC is approximately 2 GB at this moment.

    1. How to download raid on PC?

    Install RAID: Shadow Legends on your PC

    In the upper part of the finder

    • Download this emulator to Google Play
    • Install the game following the instructions on Google Play.
    • You can play the game from the same installation window or direct access to the secretary.
    1. How do you find polis in RAID Shadow Legends?

    Hint:You can get Chickens in the in-game Activity Shop or by completing challenges. You can improve the Habitat of a Campaign from Improve Skills. You can get the most out of the many new features, one of the most important ones, or add additional effects to the facility.

    1. Which campaign is the best in RAID Shadow Legends?

    After all, if this is the first time you play games, without a doubt, we recommend you to the Galek and Athel camps as the best options for those who buy. These are two very good things, and they don’t have any complete mechanics.

    Conclusion on Raid Shadow Legends for PC

    RaidShadow Legends stands out nicely.It is in a neat artistic direction although quite classic for Fantasy, with very nice graphics, an effective soundtrack, and polished animations. On the other hand, there is no need to look for a deep scenario here, which is only a pretext to hit bad guys and farm big loot. There are options to change video, audio, and other settings. Because it is a mobile game, the PC version should run pretty well, even on very modest configurations.

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