Real Estate Marketing Has Never Been Easy This Easy: 7 Tips

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As 89% of homebuyers buy their home through real estate agents, it’s evident that the market is there. All that is to be done is to make the most of this market. As a real estate professional who wants to grow his business, you are fully aware of marketing’s potential to capture the attention of your prospective clients.

After all, getting more people to your properties and offering a level of assurance to the sellers that they aren’t underselling the property is all about getting more people to your properties. Real estate marketing enables you to bring more people to the properties you’re selling, which considerably improves the chances of closing more deals. Here is socal home buyers.

So, it does the twofold job of driving the maximum price and ensuring greater sale speed.

7 easy Tips for Real Estate Marketing

And now that we have given you a brief insight into its importance, let’s delve deeper into some of the viable tips to make real estate marketing effective for you.

1. Invest In Consistently Building Your Brand

Real estate being a sales-driven industry, it is understandable to focus too much on the quick highs. That link you scored from a top website or the amazing sales figures from last month are all great things, but branding goes way beyond that.

It’s about thinking on a long-term basis and investing in your brand to make customers come to you.

And it’s more than only having a website. Branding is all about those unique attributes that help you identify your service or product from the competitors.

At a basic level, you can relate it to your brand colors or logo, but it also includes your messaging, typography, voice, and writing.

2. Your Website Has To Be Mobile-Friendly

Reports suggest that nearly 50% of the webpages worldwide are viewed on mobile devices. This means that mobile-optimized websites are no longer an option but rather a necessity.

The lack of a mobile-optimized website can spell doom for your efforts towards real estate marketing. 57% of customers will not recommend businesses with poorly designed mobile  idx plugin wordpress websites.

The fact is that not having a mobile-friendly site will make your business look obsolete, dated, and not in sync with the client’s demands. Besides, it’s not that hard to get your site mobile-optimized. Any reputed website designer can do that for you.

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3. Use Blogs to Improve Customer Engagement

The truth is that your customers are getting thousands of ads from all sorts of companies. Probably even from your competitors!

Of course, you can use the right Facebook ad templates for marketing, but even then, the ad has to be super-catchy to leave a mark. So, let’s try to make it more effective by blogging.

Customers are interested in relevant, informative, and interesting content. In fact, 47% of customers will go through at least three pieces of content before talking to a sales representative.

Blogging is how you let the customers know about your knowledge and the value you offer.

4. Get on Instagram to Reach the First-Time Buyers

While over 59% of the first-time homebuyers are on Instagram, there are only 14% of real estate businesses using this social media platform actively. Thus, there is a huge marketing opportunity waiting to be tapped into, where the competition is considerably low.

So, get creative to the core and make the most of it to show what makes you stand out from the competitors.

Don’t just post pictures of houses endlessly on Instagram. Share funny memes and quotes, and offer insights about the city or the exact region you operate.

5. Put the Power of Email Marketing To Good Use

Wait before you dismiss email marketing as something too old-school to be cool. Did you know that email marketing has the potential to generate about 3,800% ROI?

However, you will not get such a high ROI by bombarding your customers with hundreds of emails each month. The point is to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Make your emails interesting enough for the customers to read and consider it. Consider tools like Invideo, where you can use an invitation maker using own design to include in the emails you send out to your customers.

6. Take Real Estate Marketing To the Next Level with Chatbots

All business sectors are using chatbots in a bid to reach out to customers more effectively. And, it is high time for real estate professionals to get on this bandwagon.

The high-speed internet has made customers expect answers to their questions within seconds. But, if they get on your website looking for answers and can’t find you right away, they will simply move to the next site.

So, have a chatbot ready to assist the customers at all times. It is one of the best ways to offer superior customer services to competitors.

7. Improve Your Visibility Online Using SEO

In a world where 80% of buyers get on the internet to research before buying a house, you will have to understand at least the basics of SEO. To be more precise, you need to leverage local SEO.

So, here are the three easiest things you can do:

  • Set up your Google My Business listing and fill out all the details while placing keywords strategically.
  • Regularly update your blog with fresh and relevant content.
  • Use video content and images to make your content visually appealing to the users.

And, thus, your website will have a higher chance of showing up in the search results.

Summing Up

Making your business stand out in the real estate world takes effort, time, and a zeal to follow the latest technological advancements and trends. We live in an age where every customer expects relevant and interesting content. This makes it more vital for you to understand your target customers’ unique interests, needs, and issues.

You can be sending an email, creating an Instagram story, or drafting a blog. The point is to adapt a client-based approach to marketing, and your business will stand out more.


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