Restore Old Pictures with VanceAI’s Photo Restorer and Add Some New Designs to Them


With an old photo restoration program, it’s easy to give old photos different designs. Due to the wear and tear that happens to old pictures, they often become useless and can’t be used anywhere. Using a photo restoration tool to bring old photos back to life can be very helpful, but it also depends on the software you use. Desktop apps are one of the best ways to get good results, but they are manual, so the user has to do the editing. With VanceAI Photo Restorer, you can fix up old photos using AI technology, so everything is done automatically. This can be the best tool for photographers and image editors who work with these kinds of images all the time.

Why use an AI Photo Restorer?

One of the best things about an AI old photo restoration app is that it will automatically process images for you. Image editing is hard on both the person doing it and the computer system. This is especially true when it comes to restoring old photos. is set up so that it can be used to edit images online. All of its tools for editing images are powered by AI and Machine Learning.

You don’t need to know anything about image editing or have any skills to use With the AI old photo restoration tool from VanceAI, you can remove scratches from old photos in a matter of seconds. Aside from that, VanceAI has also put responsive servers online that help your system do less work. You could also get by with mid-range systems, which isn’t the case when you use desktop software.

One of the best things about using the photo restorer tool from VanceAI is that the website also has a lot of other image editing tools that go well with the photo restorer. For example, VanceAI also has a tool that lets you change the colors of old photos after you have restored them. This will give you more ways to design, since you can now change the way your photos look. Aside from that, VanceAI has many tools for increasing productivity and improving images, such as the image upscaler, image enhancer, etc. Both of these tools can make a big difference in how good an image is. Old photos usually look faded or low-quality, but you can fix this with VanceAI tools.

How to Use Photo Restorer to Repair Old Photos?

By following these steps, you can use the online AI old photo restoration tool from VanceAI to fix up old photos.

Step 1: To fix a photo online, click on the link above and then go to the middle of the page to click on the Upload Image button. That will take you to the Workspace, where you can add photos.

Step 2: Once you are in the VanceAI Restorer Workspace, you can use the upload button to add photos. You can also see how many image credits you have left, change tool settings on the right, and more. After you’ve uploaded the image, click Start to Process to move forward.

Step 3: The tool for fixing old photos will work on the image and show the results on the screen. Use the Zoom feature to get a better look at the images. Click “Download Image” to save the picture to your device.

Since most of the VanceAI tools work in the same way, you can use these steps to use most of them.

VanceAI Photo Restorer Brings New Life to Old Photos

In this section, we’ll look at a few pictures that the AI old photo restoration tool by VanceAI has fixed up.

1. Improved Old Portrait

In this case, the old photo restoration tool does a great job of making the face look better and reducing a lot of the damage marks in the Before image. Also, there is a lot of image noise all over the picture, which the photo restorer gets rid of. It only took a few seconds to process this picture. Even though they are much less noticeable, there are still a few marks in the “After” picture.

2. The Old Brown Picture Was Fixed

Like the last time, the AI old photo restoration tool does a great job of improving the face by improving many details. The person’s face now has more definition, and the color of their hair has changed for the better. Not only that, but the tool gives the eye a good color as well. Aside from that, the tool also fixes most damaged images. Even in the After image, there is just a little bit of image noise in the corners.

3. Repaired and coloredized old photograph

A special feature of the VanceAI Photo Restorer is that it can add color to an old photo while it is being fixed. Just doing this can change the way your old family photos or vintage photos look in a big way. Taking this image as an example, there aren’t many problems with how the photo restorer fixes it, since the image is pretty clean. Also, the coloring is pretty good because it gives each part a realistic tone, though it doesn’t seem to be able to color the child’s hand, which is a little strange.


If you want to make creative changes to old photos, the VanceAI Photo Restorer online tool is a great thing to have. When you think about how many people edit old family photos and other photos, the AI photo restoration tool is the obvious choice. The AI technology that VanceAI offers makes it pretty easy to fix photos online. VanceAI also has other tools for editing images that work well with the old photo restoration tool and make it even better.

Use any of the links above to start using VanceAI. Use your Google account to set up a VanceAI account quickly. All VanceAI users who have signed up get 3 free image credits every month. VanceAI’s annual subscription plan costs only $5.94 per month and includes 100 image credits and other features. The monthly and half-yearly plans are the same, except that the monthly plans cost $9.90 and $7.42, respectively

Also, the soon-to-be-released VanceAI Software will give users the option to download desktop software, with plans for a month, a year, or a lifetime. VanceAI products can also be used on 3 or 5 PCs at the same time by you and your team.

VanceAI Provides Additional Options

As was already said, VanceAI’s platform has a number of tools for editing and improving images. Many tools can be used together to get better results, and this article will help you know better about VanceAI’s Productivity series tools: VanceAI Productivity Series Review – A Comprehensive Toolkit that Designers Can’t Live Without AI photo enhancer is one way to improve the quality of photos. On the other hand, you can add color to old photos with VanceAI Photo Colorizer, especially after fixing them with the old photo restoration tool. VanceAI also has a free online PDF processing tool that you can use from anywhere.

VanceAI Alternative for Free is a free alternative to VanceAI Photo Restorer that can be used to fix old photos. But compared to the original VanceAI tool, you won’t be able to use the extra features like faster servers, processing in batches, and more.

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