How to retrieve your National Identification Number with phone

    How to retrieve your National Identification Number Nigeria with your mobile phone
    Image: NIMC

    In Nigeria, getting your National Identification Number (NIN) through the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC) is one hard and frustrating task to do. You have to visit any of the NIMC office close to you, queue up with other people, and wait for countless hours or days just to get attended to. If at all they manage to attend to you the same day, getting the permanent identification card will still take you months or even years. If that is not frustrating, I wonder what is. Now, imagine you have an urgent need for the National Identification Number and you are finding difficult to retrieve it through the NINC offices, probably because of the crowd and many other internal challenges. How would you feel? Disappointed, I guess? Well, don’t be!!! A solution is here. But before then, let us see what NIN really means and who is eligible for it.

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    What is NIN?

    According to the National Identification Management Commission (NIMC), NIN Nigeria is a set of numbers assigned to an individual upon successful enrolment. Enrolment consists of the recording of an individual’s demographic data and capture of the ten (10) fingerprints, head-to-shoulder facial picture and digital signature, which are all used to cross-check existing data in the National Identity Database to confirm that there is no previous entry of the same data.

    Who is Eligible for NIN?

    How to retrieve your National Identification Number Nigeria with your mobile phone
    Image: NIMC

    The commission also went further to state that enrolling for NIN Nigeria is mandatory for every adult citizen and a legal resident of the country. The process is the same whether you choose the self-service with your mobile phone (USSD) or you require an assisted service through NIMC offices.

    How to retrieve your National Identification Number with mobile phone (USSD)

    Back to the topic of the day, which is how you can actually register and receive your NIN in Nigeria without visiting the NIMC offices or spending countless hours in a queue. This method is simple and easy to use. NIMC has setup a USSD server to makes the process less stressful for you. All you need is your SIM card that is associated with your BVN, Drivers license, Voters card; and any mobile phone fully charged. In fact, it is advisable to plug in your device for charge while doing this. You must have at least N20 call credit on the line. Finally, get a sheet of paper and a pen or get ready to screenshot the NIN when displayed as it will not be displayed more than once. Are you ready for this?

    With your feature phone or smartphone, dial *346# and follow the screen prompts. Your NIN will be displayed. This will take some time, but it is better than going to the NIMC Nigeria office to waste your time.

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