Rideshare Transportation Can Be Dangerous, How to Stay Safe


They are sharing many perks to sharing a ride hence why it is so popular. The most common reason why a person will opt to share a ride is the cheaper cost of getting to their destination. There is also an element of convenience and even, at times, safety because you will not be riding alone.

However, we cannot neglect the other side of the ride-share coin, where the safety of a passenger may not always be guaranteed. So what can you do to better protect yourself on rideshare apps before, during, and after your trip? Here are a few ways you can make your rideshare experience safer;

  1. Sharing With Family and Friends

Before entering the vehicle, it is vital that you share your current location and destination with the relevant parties. Sharing your trip with your friends and family is a great way to ensure that other people track your movements. When another person can see your live location, they are better placed to note when there is a problem and act quickly if need be. A great Denver rideshare accident attorney has echoed this sentiment.

Most ridesharing apps will have features allowing you to share your trip and other relevant details, such as the car’s license plate, name, and driver photo.

2. Pre-Ride Safety Check

You should pay exceptional attention to a few things before getting in the car. According to a Denver rideshare accident attorney with experience dealing with such liability claims, performing a pre-ride check further enhances your protection. The first thing you want to do is ensure that the details provided by the app per your ride request match what arrives. This includes the plate number and driver’s details.

Familiarize yourself with all the possible routes you will take, and if you do not feel safe at any point, end the trip and get out of the car. Check that the driver is fit to drive and is not intoxicated. You do not want to get into an avoidable accident because of an unfit driver. However, if you get into an unfortunate situation, contact a professional attorney.

3. Waiting and Requesting

A word of advice from a professional is always to request your ride when you are indoors. You also want to wait until your ride arrives before going outside. Another Denver rideshare accident attorney cautioned riders against waiting outside because it may make them targets for opportunistic and dangerous drivers.

Kidnappings and murders have resulted from these targeted attacks, especially on intoxicated riders. The general advice that echoes true from experts is that it is better to cancel a trip and incur the small cancellation fee; it could save your life.


4. Other Standard Safety Precautions

A great way to ensure the safest ride is to be vigilant. This can be done by following standard vehicle safety rules, such as not distracting the driver and putting on your seat belt. An accident attorney advises that people prioritize sitting in the backseat whenever possible to enhance their chances of survival or escaping in case of an accident or kidnapping attempt.

Prevention is always better than cure, and this rings especially true for rideshares. The information listed above will take you closer to ensuring that you are as safe as possible during and after your trip.



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