Rules for choosing a TV for the home


Gone are the days when a TV was needed only to watch TV shows on a standard broadcast network. Today, you can watch everything on TV: from news to shows on video hosting sites and movies in online cinemas. Which TV to choose so that it can satisfy the maximum number of requests of the modern viewer? Which TV is suitable for playing in online casinos, using betstarexch withdrawal bonus and comfortable gaming process? Find out in this review.

The main criteria for good TVs

Choosing a TV is a serious task. The device should last long, so selecting an inexpensive or beautiful model from a famous brand you are familiar with is a losing option. Instead, it would help if you studied the characteristics of devices that fit your budget, read reviews from other buyers, and evaluate the possibilities of the room where the TV will work. But first things first.

Decide on the task of the TV

Do you need a TV to watch movies so you don’t have to go to the cinema? Or are you a gamer, and the TV helps you play a computer console? Are you just used to drinking your morning coffee with the news release? For all these tasks, you will need different TV models that differ in size or technical characteristics.

So, for example, to view any content, a screen scan speed of 60 Hz will be enough, while for the best image transmission in a video game, you should choose models with a screen frequency of 120 Hz. The following recommendation will help you decide what tasks you need a TV for.

Decide which room the TV will be in

For the kitchen, it is worth considering smaller models (up to 32 inches) for the bedroom and living room – more (from 32 to infinity). After choosing a room, find a place to place the device. For example, the wall on which it would be convenient to hang the TV is already occupied by something, or there is no space for a TV stand.

When deciding where to place the TV, remember where you will be located while watching TV. Looking at the screen should be not only comfortable, but also safe from a medical point of view. It is believed that the safe distance from the TV picture to the viewer is two or three diagonals of your device’s screen (calculate better on the upper border for reliability). 

  • Thus, for 32-inch TVs, the optimal distance to a comfortable chair will be 1.6 meters, and 2.5 is better. 
  • And for example, it is worth watching what is happening on a 65-inch screen from 3.5–5 meters away.

Pick a Diagonal

Have you measured the distance and decided on a free place? Now it has become clear which screen size should be chosen. The best TVs for small spaces will have a smaller diagonal. For example, a device with a 32-inch screen in the kitchen will do just fine, given that you will look at it more sporadically and turn it on exclusively for the background. However, if the size of the room and the signal quality allow (for example, in a spacious bedroom), take models with a larger diagonal – for example, 55, 65, or 75 inches.

Choose resolution

Today, you can find TVs with HD, Full HD, and 4K (UHD) resolution. However, the first technology is becoming rarer and considered obsolete. Therefore, it makes sense to consider HD TVs a device for summer cottages and kitchens. But now you can buy TVs with a 4K display, with a budget of up to 800 dollars.

Decide on the type of matrix

The matrix has three main types: LED, QLED, and OLED. However, there is only one general principle: the matrix consists of pixels with liquid crystalline content. Crystals refract light in different ways, which provide the desired color rendering.

  • LED is already considered obsolete. It reproduces primary colors well but may not be able to cope with an extended range of shades. And it can also distort colors from different viewing angles. It must be taken into account when placing the LED TV in space. (Ambien)
  • QLED is a more advanced version of the previous technology. The additional quantum coating allows you to expand the screen’s color reproduction. Such displays are brighter, have less glare, and have a wider viewing angle. We have already discussed this technology in another material.

LEDs illuminate both of these matrices. In this regard, the OLED matrix is more perfect, where each pixel is controlled and inspired independently. The technology perfectly conveys the depth of black color; the picture on such a screen is bright. These screens are ideal for watching videos or playing games. However, OLED monitors are more suitable for rooms with thick curtains because they are susceptible to glare. We have already written about this technology in detail.

Select operating system

If you want a Smart TV TV with additional features for viewing content, then before buying, you should decide which operating system will be more convenient. Android TV seems the ideal choice, especially for owners of other devices on this operating system. The familiar interface and the ability to pair quickly with a smartphone are captivating. There are three more operating systems: VIDAA, webOS, and Tizen. These are the developments of Hisense, LG, and Samsung for their TVs. These platforms’ minuses are the difficulty of pairing with smartphones and a smaller set of available applications in the operating system store.


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