Samsung Galaxy A40 Review

    Samsung Galaxy A40 Review

    Samsung has been one of the most influential brands in the market for tech and innovation. People have been buying Samsung products from the very beginning. Now, Samsung has become a symbol of trust and hope. Samsung has been excelling rapidly in the smartphone division. AS you guys know, in recent times, the smartphone market has become one of the most volatile and diverse needs. Probably a smartphone is released every day nowadays. In this article, we will give a complete guide about Samsung Galaxy A40 Review.

    But we will have to take an in-depth look at the market to extract some vital signs. Which are the products that people are most interested in. If we look into the statistic of 2019, then we will be able to see that almost 82 percent of the sales in the smartphone market has been in the mid-range area. On the other hand, thanks to the innovation in the tech department, phones have become more and more versatile.

    Now, we will be looking down into the Global Economy for a little bit. I assure you, I will not bore you guys just like your grumpy old Econ Professor, but we need to see this. Almost 70 percent of the world population belongs to the middle-class criteria.

    So, why am I explaining all this stats today? Because the sales of smartphones are related to the income of the general people. As a massive chunk of the customers has a limited income, so the expected expenditure is limited as well. That is why the mid-rangers are ruling the market.

    But, it was a good thing that I have noticed that. As of that, I was able to inform you about that as well. But it would help if you rested assured that Samsung has been following the graph ever since they have reached the market.

    A Series and M series

    I have already discussed the booming market of mid-range smartphones. Now, what exactly is a mid-ranger smartphone? In simple words, the phones which come in medium quality specs in a mid-range budget are a mid-ranger smartphone. A mid-range smartphone comes typically within the 150 US Dollars to 250 US Dollars range. The prices can vary from a vast number of variables. But I think you guys have got that pretty well.

    The mid-range smartphone market was being solely dominated by Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. But things did get a bit interesting when Samsung pushed on the gas pedal and entered the market with a bang.

    But, this did not come all of a sudden. We can surely see that people desire to have an iPhone or a Galaxy handset in their hands. But they could not effort it. That is why they had to settle down to the Chinese manufacturers. The development wing doubtless saw this of Samsung.

    They started to tease the market with their J series. The J series was a good hit, and Samsung has done pretty well actually. But the primary battle was yet to be fought. The J series did a pretty good job, I admit. But still, it did not manage to connect the greater mass. That is why Samsung called up all their resources and started developing something worth buying within a competitive price range.

    This was when the A series and the M series were introduced in the market. The previous A series was a pre-flagship range, ensuring some exciting features and handsets. But this time, the brand new A-series represents the greater mass. The M series and the A series has been introduced as the mid-ranger phone models of Samsung.

    Samsung Galaxy A40: Reviews, Suggestions, and More!

    Samsung Galaxy A40 Review

    Samsung Galaxy A series was introduced in the market to take on the greater mass, which is the mid-range world. But little did we know that the A-series will start conquering the market with the exciting specs and performance?! To continue this legacy, the Samsung Galaxy A40 has been launched in the market. This phone has been attracting some eyes for sure. But what this phone has to offer to its master? We are here to find out. Today, we will be presenting the Samsung Galaxy A40 review.

    Now, as you guys are4 aware of my tactics, I tend to go through all the essential aspects of the phone one by one, in a pretty detailed manner. This allows me to have a good and robust understanding of the phone’s true identity. The criteria on which I will be examining the phone are given as follows:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    So, now we have been informed about the criteria. Now, we will be moving further into the Samsung Galaxy A40 review. First up comes the Design of the Samsung Galaxy A40.

    Design of the Samsung Galaxy A40

    So, basically, we are aware of the Samsung Galaxy A series design. In the design category, there are certain aspects that come into play. If every component manages to conduct good collaboration, then the design section will rock the market.

    First of all, let us come down to the built quality. The phone will be in plastic produced, as expected. If you are not aware of it, then I will have to tell you that this phone is a mid-ranger. So, the plastic body is acceptable. The framing and the body is made out of good quality material. Now, as we move forward to the attributes and the dimensions, things do start to get a bit tangy in certain heights. The phone comes with typical mid-ranger dimensions. The length of the phone is almost 5.69 inches. The width of this phone is nearly 2.72 inches. To end things up, this phone comes with a thickness of 0.31 inches. So, as you can see, the dimensions are pretty standard. The attributes are pretty much on point as well. This phone does a dual camera setup with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

    Now, this phone has everything which is needed to make a good impression. The teardrop notch also validated the reputation in great heights. So, overall, this phone does have a stable design unit. We can move on to the next segment of the Samsung Galaxy A40 Review, the display of the Samsung Galaxy A40. I must tell you. You will be surprised in this section!

    Display of the Samsung Galaxy A40

    In the current market, the AMOLED display is perhaps the best tech available so far in the market. The main reason is that the vibrancy of the colors and the resolution is top-notch. A typical AMOLED screen does cost quite a bit of money. If the standard IPS display costs around 10 dollars apiece, then the AMOLED will cost you almost 30 US freaking Dollars! That means it is thrice pricier than the regular screens in the smartphones.

    So, now, you might be thinking why I am telling this to you guys. In the Samsung Galaxy A40 review, we already have discussed that this phone is a mid-ranger. Then how come this can afford a pricier panel for the display. But there is an advantage of Samsung here. The thing is, the AMOLED display tech is Samsung’s patented product. So, they are the sole manufacturers of this panel. So, if you have the screens in your very own background, then why so serious about it, man?

    That is why this phone comes with a 5.9 inch Super AMOLED screen. This has a resolution of 1080 into 2340 pixels. That means that this is a full high definition screen. As this screen is pricy, this needs adequate protection as well. To fulfill this purpose, the screen comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

    The viewing experience is pretty awesome, as expected. Now we will be moving on to the next topic. The thing is, the topic which I am going to preview in the Samsung Galaxy A40 review is perhaps one of the most crucial segments in any smartphone. I think you guys have already assumed it. We will be looking into the performance of the Samsung Galaxy A40.

    Performance of the Samsung Galaxy A40

    So, before saying something about the performance, we will have to know the sub-genres of the performance section. So, the performance section can be divided into two central units. The first one is the software unit, and the latter is the hardware unit. The software unit is a set of essential software that i9s assigned to perform specific tasks that a typical smartphone is required to do. The hardware unit is a fleet of components that works like the engine of the smartphone.

    First of all, we will be looking into the software unit of the phone.

    Software Unit

    The software unit does come with a set of software. The main stage is the OS or commonly known as the Operating system. So, the latter one is the User Interface or widely known as UI. The OS is the platform where all the apps and software run themselves in the required time. As we know, all the phones of Samsung or frankly speaking, most of the smartphone in the market runs with Android. This comes with Android 9. The UI is the signature One UI.

    Now, we will be moving on to the next unit, the hardware unit.

    Hardware Unit

    First of all, we will be focusing on the SOC system on chips. The chipset is the brain of the phone. This time, Samsung has been working with their in-house chipset, which is known as the Exynos processors. So, this phone comes with Exynos 7904, a 14 nm Octa-Core chipset with a clock speed of 1.77 GHz. Mali-G71 MP2 is the GPU. The Ram is of 4 GB, followed by the 64 GB of internal storage. You can quickly crank up the storage by inserting an SD card in the dedicated SD card slot.

    Overall, this phone does give reliable feedback in the performance unit. But things do get a bit sloppy when we intend to overdo things a little bit. Now, we will see the camera unit real quick.

    Cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A40

    As I have mentioned in the very beginning, this phone comes with dual camera setup. The dual-camera configuration comes with a 16 Mega Pixels wide-angle camera. To spice things off a little bit, this phone comes with a 5 Mega Pixels Ultra wide-angle camera. The aperture count of the primary camera is of f/1.7. The aperture count of the secondary camera is of f/2.2. This is a decent camera unit in terms of the price. The selfie camera is of 25 Mega Pixels and has an f/2.0 aperture count.

    The camera is decent. Considering the price point, I bet you will not regret it. Now, we will see the battery and power management unit.


    This phone comes with a 3100 mAh battery. To charge this little dude, the phone comes with a 15 Watts fast-charging power brick. The management of power is pretty on point, and this can last a day in a smooth run.

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    Sensors and Other Features

    The fingerprint sensor is rear-mounted and is in the right place. All the sensors are perfectly placed and are working.

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    Water Resistance

    This phone does not come with any water resistance.


    1. What is the price of the Samsung Galaxy A40?

    Almost 250 US Dollars.

    1. Is it fast charging capable?

    Yes, it has a 15 Watts fast charging.

    Wrapping Things Off!

    So, we have done and dusted with the Samsung Galaxy A40 review. As you can see, I am satisfied with the results. There were some standouts, like the AMOLED display and the optimized UI. So, this is a good pick for a mid-ranger. On that note, I am concluding the discussion. Good Night!

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