Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Full Features

    Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

    The world of smartphones is evolving. People are not happy with what they already have. This massive surge in the tech world has allowed humankind to think, think big. Now, everyone sees the bigger picture. Making life sustainable and enjoyable with technology is the main go-to for mankind. In this article we will give a complete guide about Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Full Features and Reviews.

    It was not rocket science for the tech giants. They kept on pushing for the unknown, building their reputation, and the consumer trust through their technologies. Such a state of the art maestro in technological advancement is Samsung. Samsung has been the pioneer in technological advancements, especially in the smartphone arena.

    But little did we know, Samsung was thinking of the unknown. They were targeting something big. I still remember that morning when I was surfing the internet and found out about the concept of ‘folding’ display panels. I laughed at the brunch table with my friends. It was a bizarre tech, a dope one indeed, according to some of the fellow reviewers.

    But, Samsung was teasing a big opportunity. This time they were trying to develop something which will be having all the important tech but also will scroll down the memory lane. So, what was the memory lane they were targeting?

    Remember the sleek and smart folding phones in the early 2000s? These were some of the most desired items back then. The ‘Business Class’ handsets were selling like hotcakes, and people still love it and desire for those types of phones. And when it comes to the desire of the consumers, Samsung is one of the first providers who raise their hands and goes to work to fulfill the damn wish.

    What did we get?

    The Samsung Galaxy Fold! Oh My GOSH! That event very much blew the roof off! I, along with millions of fans and tech enthusiasts was jay dropped to see the phone. But, after a few days, this phone became one of the major upset for the tech giants. This phone started to literally break in the hands of the reviewers. Consumers began to feel uncomfortable, and some of the units had significant issues in the structure or the software. The screen had some bends, and after some days, these started to break off.

    Sometime later, Samsung admitted that the product was not ready yet, which eventually led the company to stop the production of the fold series phones.

    This was a sum-up of the recent biggest tragedy for the tech king, Samsung. But we are not going to talk about the tragedy today. As a matter of fact, we will be highlighting the rise of the fallen tech. Yes, we will be discussing the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. This year, in between the pandemic and global lockdown, Samsung got all their resources into play and launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It is also known as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

    There is a lot of things going on inside the Samsung facility. The recent event even introduced the Samsung Ecosystem. So, these things are really getting to the top gear for Samsung.

    As you know

    Whenever we are talking about a particular smartphone, we look into certain aspects that showcase the inner potential of the phone. This criterion helps us to gain the necessary knowledge to really feel the phone. The criteria are:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    We will be going through all the specs, at least the spec list which we have got so far. The phone is all set to be launched, and the pre-order will start from the 1st of September, 2020. So, all the specs will be discussed within some days.

    Now, let us discuss something about the design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

    Design of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

    As you guys have guessed earlier that today’s phone will have the most unusual design that you guys have ever seen. This phone comes with a vertical flip mechanism. This time, they have done all the math correctly, and there is some intense engineering involved in the folding mechanism.

    Moving on to the phone, this phone will technically have three screens, but we will be discussing that later on in the following segment. So, we don’t have any proper numbers about that. But I can only guarantee you that this phone is going to be something that will turn the heads and attract some eyeballs.

    The phone will have a glass and metal framing. The frames are pretty solid and made out of stainless steel. This was all we got about the design. Now, we will be moving towards the next segment, which is the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

    Display of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

    This segment is going to be very crucial for the viewers today. In the previous techs, folding phones were just imaginary theories. As we all knew, the fact that glasses were not meant to be bend over and over again.

    Samsung is already ruling the market with their very own AMOLED panels. Top brands, even their arch enemy, Apple Inc., buy screens from them. So, they are making the best out of it, of course. This time, they have pushed things a step further.


    The screen which is used in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is known as Dynamic AMOLED display. This panel has the unique selling point of folding itself into almost half.

    As you have guessed, this panel will be as good as the traditional AMOLED Displays in the market or the ones which are used in the Flagship phones of the tech giants. This display has a notch as well. The trendy punch hole cut out is seen on the front side of the phone. In that punched hole, the camera or should I say, the selfie camera is placed.

    The screen has a 7.7-inch diameter when it is unfolded. So, the basics are pretty much the same. The resolution of this screen is 1689 into 2213 pixels. The refresh rate is 120 Hz. That means this screen has some distinct advantage over the rest of the cattle.

    For the cherry on the top, the folding flaw, which was in the previous Samsung Galaxy Fold, has been fixed, and there is no dent seen as well.

    So, Samsung did an excellent job on the screen this time. Now, we will be focusing on the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

    Performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

    The performance section is mainly dependent on two parts. The first one is the software section. The latter is the hardware unit.

    In the software unit, the main concerns are the Operating System or OS and the UI or User interface. All the Samsung phones are Android-based, so that this phone will be of no exception. If some of you guys don’t know what operating system is, then this is the right place for you. And the UI or User Interface is the sin or the bridge between the user and the phone itself. The UI should be user friendly and fun to use at the same time. Otherwise, it will be pretty difficult for the consumers to operate smartphones.

    Samsung uses the signature One UI, which is pretty much optimized and also compliments the phone and its tasks. On the other hand, the latest Android 10 will be a massive advantage for this phone.

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    Hardware Unit

    Now let us talk about the hardware unit. The hardware unit consists of three different groups. The first unit is the processing unit. This contains the chipset and the graphics processing unit or commonly known as the GPU. This phone comes with the top of the line chipset from the Qualcomm. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is used in the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This chipset is an Octa-Core processor and can produce a clock speed of 2.84 GHz for the first core, which is the powerful Kryo 585. The Graphics Processing Unit is the Adreno 650.

    The RAM of this phone is considered as the memory unit and the internal storage is known as the storage unit. As for the specs, this phone comes with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. This phone has a huge amount of RAM and plenty of hell lot of storage to suit up your needs.

    Overall Performance

    Overall the performance modules are looking pretty solid. But this techy is pretty new, can the hardware provide the required juice or the new software and the UI can collaborate with the components as flawless as it should be? That is the real question. This will be answered when we will get ourselves the review unit from Samsung.

    But I kind of having a funny feeling that this phone is going to deliver as the company is bragging on. The new and improved fold phone has already turned a lot of heads towards it. Now, all it has to do is to pull the right strings in the right order.

    But I still do remember the days when phones were just phones—meant to just make calls and address texts. But as the needs are evolving, the phones are evolving as well. It would not be astonishing if the phones start to provide food and clothes.

    Moving on, we will see the camera units of the Samsun Galaxy Z Fold 2.

    The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

    The rear camera is a triple camera setup. The primary camera is a wide-angle camera of 64 Mega Pixels. It has an aperture count of f/1.7. The second camera is the ultra-wide camera of 16 Mega Pixels. The third camera is a telephoto lens, which is 13 Mega Pixels. The selfie camera is a dual-camera module. I think the camera section design is best. So, the main camera of the front-facing camera is a 10 MegaPixel camera. The secondary camera is probably a wide-angle camera of 8 Mega Pixels.

    As this phone is a flagship category phone, then the cameras will be the best in the business. I have blind faith in Samsung’s camera unit, particularly on this phone. Samsung has done all the homework, and now they are here to rock the stage.

    Now, we will be moving on to the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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    The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

    The phone comes with a battery of 4500 mAh nonremovable Lithium-Ion Battery. To charge this bad boy up, the phone supports 25 Watts fast charging. It also supports wireless charging as well. So, all the latest dope techs are available.

    Sensors and Other features

    Fingerprint (On display), accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, and Compass.

    Water Resistance

    Yes, this phone comes with IP 68 certification.


    1. What is the price of this phone?

    It will be around 1799 USD.

    1. Is it waterproof?

    Yes, IP 68 water resistance.

    Wrapping Things Up!

    This phone is going to be a stunner. And with the Samsung Ecosystem introduced, this phone will be breaking some records and also will redeem the lost throne in the folding phone arena. Till then, Good Bye and take care of your loving Ones!

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