Samsung Galaxy M Series

    Samsung Galaxy M Series

    By the year 2018, Chinese smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo were catching up on the smartphone market, which was dominated by the Tech Giant, Samsung. Samsung was still the king, but the price range was a bit top of the line. People were looking for something more affordable yet powerful in terms of performance. The Chinese were quick to respond to that desire of the commoners. But Samsung also knew that people wanted Samsung’s dedicated support.

    So they launched the all-new M series. M stands for Millennial. People who matter in society are known as Millennials. People who want to be the next positive change in the world are the Millennial. Samsung celebrates those people with their new line of products, which is smart, elegant, and powerful as the Millennial. But they still need to be in the low and mid-budget price range to be in the hands of the commoners! You will be delighted to know that they have finally done that!

    Samsung Galaxy M Series: Smartphones for the Millennial  

    Samsung Galaxy M Series is Samsung’s low and mid-range smartphones, which are launched in the smartphone market to create a hype and deliver Samsung’s quality and elegance to every other hand of the commoners. With the intention to mainly capture the Sub-Continent and the European entry-level market, Samsung launched M Series in two generations; 1st Generation and 2nd Generation. 1st Generation was introduced to the word in early 2019. After its launch, the phones were an instant hit! People rushed to the store, and the phones were started selling like hotcakes!

    1st Generation Samsung Galaxy M Series


    Samsung Galaxy M 10: Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    At first, they launched Samsung Galaxy M10. The entry-level smartphone with a little juice and fairly powerful performance. But the outstanding feature was the display. Samsung started to play on their own turf; they made a great screen using TFT technology. Now you will be scratching your heads and thinking how they managed to pull this off! But yes! This is Samsung for guys! The icing on the cake was that the display had a notch! Samsung called it as the TFT Infinity-V Display. The 6.2 inches TFT Infinity-V Display had great vivid colors, and it was marked as an HD+ display with a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels. And the best part was it has a price tag of 178 US dollars!

    Samsung Galaxy M 20: Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    The Second phone of the line was Samsung Galaxy M20. This was also launched with M10. The most significant plus point of this phone was that it had massive battery power and type C fast charging! It had a stable juice of 5000 MAh, which gave an all-day battery life. That was ideal for heavy users, and people also liked the phone. It became an instant hit with a bigger screen than M10 and even a fingerprint scanner. It has a full HD TFT Screen with the Infinity-V Display, which scaled around 6.3 inches, and the resolution was 1080 into 2340 pixels. M20 gained trust and fame as it started to sell on a big scale.


    Samsung Galaxy M 30: Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    The third phone was Samsung Galaxy M30. It was sold in a separate name in the Chinese market. It was named as A40s in China. This particular smartphone had Samsung’s All-time favorite Amo-LED display, Samsung called it Infinity U. With Samsung’s unique Samsung Exynos 7904 Octa-core processor, this phone was considered to be a reasonably powerful device suitable for gaming and heavy usage. There were two variants in terms of Ram; 4 GB and 6 GB, and the internal storage was 64 GB and 128 GB, respectively. Triple Camera Setup was pretty decent for the rear camera factor, and people liked the product very much for the power and versatility that the phone brings to the table.


    Samsung Galaxy M 10s: Successor of M10!

    The fourth phone was Samsung Galaxy M10s. This is the successor of the Hit M10. It had some notable improvements over its predecessor, which won the heart of the M series fans. It had a fingerprint scanner, and the display was upgraded to Amo-LED. The Android OS was upgraded to 9.0 PIE. The Camera was 13 Mega Pixel with a depth sensor of 5 Mega Pixels. The front-facing Camera was 8 Mega Pixels. The battery was upgraded to 4000 MAh. It was a great phone to be in the people’s hands.

    Samsung Galaxy M 30: Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    The fifth smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy M30s, the nest upgrade of M30. It has a 6.4 Full High Definition Super Amo-LED Infinity-U Display with a resolution of 1080 into 2340 pixels. With the latest Android 9.0 PIE and ONE UI, Samsung boosted this phone with an Octa-Core processor by Exynos. It had an Exynos 9611 Octa to spice things up. The triple camera setup was 48 Mega Pixels, 8 Mega Pixels, and 5 Mega Pixels. The front-facing Camera was 16 Mega Pixels. The phone has a 6000 MAh Battery to give a reliable power backup all day long.

    Samsung Galaxy M 40: Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    The Last edition of this Generation was Samsung Galaxy M40. It was sold in China as Samsung Galaxy A60. This time Samsung intended to spice things up a little bit. The went to give a signature Punch hole display factor in this product. This display factor was first introduced in the all-new Samsung Galaxy S 10 and S 10 Plus. The 6.3 Inches Full HD+ IPS LCD display was named as Infinity O Display. It had a resolution of 1080 into 2340 pixels. The latest Android 9.0 was provided with ONE UI.

    This time Samsung chose Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 as their processor. Six hundred seventy-five processors was a very popular and powerful processor, and it is still rocking the smartphone market even today. 32 Mega Pixels, 8 Mega Pixels, and 5 Mega Pixels were the rear camera setup, and the front-facing Camera was 16 Mega Pixels. It had a battery of 3500 MAh, and fast charging enabled provided that it had a 15 Watt Fast charger included in the box. This was a powerful phone with a flagship-like configuration.

    2nd Generation Samsung Galaxy M Series


    The 2nd Generation was introduced in 2020. This year has been very stressful for the whole world as the COVID 19 pandemic burst out, resulting in thousands and thousands of mortality rates, and millions are infected. The whole world is in a standstill position. Every economy has started to fall apart, and God knows when we will be relieved. Samsung however, managed to launch some products of the 2nd Generation before this pandemic. There are five smartphones to be exact in this Generation. The phones are Samsung Galaxy M01, Samsung Galaxy M11, Samsung Galaxy M21, and Samsung Galaxy M31. The phones are very promising in the smartphone market right now.

    Samsung Galaxy M 01: The Entry-Level Smartphone

    Samsung Galaxy M01 is the entry-level smartphone for this Generation. Same exciting display oh 5.7 inches HD plus PLS TFT display, which Samsung named as Infinity V display. It has a resolution of 720 into 1520 pixels. The Ram is of 3 GB, and the storage is 32 GB. The rear camera is of 13 Mega Pixel and 2 Mega Pixel Depth Sensor. The front-facing camera is of 5 Mega Pixels. 4000 MAh battery is given to the phone to support all-day usage. The change here is that the processor which is used is Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 instead of Exynos. Cool for the recent trend, right!

    Samsung Galaxy M 11: Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    Samsung Galaxy M11 is the next smartphone in the list.  6.4 inches and HD plus TFT Infinity O display is the exceptional factor for this particular smartphone. The Operating system is Android 10, which is the latest by far, and the ONE UI does really makes a huge difference in the smartphone arena. The Fingerprint Scanner is on the rear portion. The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, and the Ram has a variant of 3 GB or 4 GB.

    The internal storage is 32 GB and 64 GB, respectively. A triple camera setup has been seen in this particular item. 13 Mega Pixels Wide, 5 Mega Pixels Ultra-wide, and 2 Mega Pixel depth sensors do make a huge deal out of it. The selfie camera is of 8 Mega Pixels. It has a battery of 5000 MAH, and it supports adaptive fast charging/. A power brick of 15 Watts is included in the package.

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    Samsung Galaxy M 21: Premium Specs, Camera, Battery & More!

    Samsung Galaxy M21 is one of the premium quality smartphones of this Generation. With a Full High Definition, 6.4 Inches, Super Amo-LED display does make a huge impression first hand. The Infinity-U form factor of the screen does pull up a great score in the screen rating. The device is powered by Android’s latest edition, and the version is 10. ONE UI 2 does give a buttery smooth experience, and people are satisfied with the user experience and the advantages of Android OS. Samsung’s reliable Octa-Core processor of Exynos 9611 Octa has been chosen as a worthy processor for this device. However, the Ram can be of two variants; 4 GB and 6 GB.

    The internal storage has an option of 64 GB or 128 GB. The Camera is where the big improvements come in to play. The rear camera has a unique triple camera setup. The main camera is 48 Mega Pixels. It is backed up with an 8 Mega Pixels Ultra Wide Camera and a depth Sensor of 5 Mega Pixels. The front-facing camera is certainly a good one of 20 Mega Pixels, fun to take extraordinary selfies, and more. A whopping 6000 MAh battery is included in the phone to give a long battery life, which can exceed a whole day easily! This phone is a winner as it has been equipped with all the exciting and new features.

    Samsung Galaxy M 31: The Show Stopper!

    The recent ever launched premium edition of the 2nd Generation is Samsung Galaxy M31. It is certainly a stylish and powerful smartphone in the market, and the fans are not disappointed at all. The phone has a Super Amo-LED Samsung Infinity U Display, just like its brother, Samsung Galaxy M21. That means the display is a Full High Definition 6. (exceptionalpets) 4 Inches Super Amo-LED display with a resolution of 1080 into 2340 pixels. The processor is the same powerful one by Samsung’s Exynos; Exynos 9611 Octa-Core Processor, which is a big booster while gaming and heavy usage. The Ram is of 6 GB, premium, of course.

    The storage comes in two variants; 64 GB and 128 GB. Samsung m series.  But the cameras on this phone is a game-changer. The rear and front camera configuration will blow your mind, and Samsung is giving this in such a price point is really eye-catching and Jaw-dropping at the same time. The rear Camera has a four-camera setup! The main camera is of 64 Mega Pixel Camera, followed by 8 Mega Pixel Ultra Wide and a couple of 5 Mega Pixels to be the icing on the cake. The Front Facing Camera is 32 Mega Pixels. The battery is identical to M21.


    Samsung Galaxy M Series FAQs:

    1. Which is better between Samsung Galaxy A or M Series?

    Both are best in their own specs, but as the M series has better processors, so they are considered better.

    1. Does the Samsung Galaxy M series come with Gorilla Glass Protection?

    No, Unfortunately.



    So that is all for today, folks! I hope you guys are fully fit and fine in this pandemic situation. Stay home and stay safe and was your damn hands!

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