SHOCKER!! Global Smartphone Sales to dip 3.1% in 2019: Canalys predicts

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    In 2018, the global smartphone shipment was not too favorable as it witnessed a great decline. The market was expected to pick pace in 2019, but a research company Canalys has predicted that the global smartphone sales will further dip 3.1% compared with 2018.

    Global Smartphone Sales to dip 3.1% in 2019: Canalys

    According to the firm, the market may see 1.35 billion units sales volume, which is below the 2018’s 1.39 billion sales volume. The report cited the US-China trade war, coupled with the ban on Huawei as the main reason for the dip. Huawei is facing a tough time at the moment which has greatly affected its smartphone production and shipment globally. The report also added that Huawei is trying its best to curtail the effect of these unfortunate incidents.

    As Huawei struggles, the other major smartphone manufacturers are set to take advantage of the situation to gain. Canalys forecasts that Samsung may top as the biggest gainer because of its aggressive device strategy and increased production. “It will take other vendors until late 2019 to react to the new opportunities. Samsung’s control over component supply gives it a major advantage,” the report added.

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    Meanwhile, the report claimed that global smartphone’s sale is expected to pick up the pace from 2020. The global smartphone shipment may record 3.4% to 1.39 billion globally. “There will be subtle variants such as a wider rollout of the 5G network and other hardware innovations that will allow some regions to recover faster than others.”



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