Should I Get a Burner Phone?

a Burner Phone

Whenever you think about burner phones, you might think that they are only used during action movies whenever the protagonist- on the run from everyone they thought they could trust, accepts a call on a burner phone and then tosses it in the trash. But you don’t need to be betrayed or hunted by your local government to acquire a burner phone, and you can get some benefits out of the use of a burner phone.

But what is -, and do you really need one? What are the differences between a burner phone and a regular phone? That’s what this article is going to answer, and you will know if a burner phone is right for you by the end!

What Is it?

A burner phone is a cheap phone that is able to be discarded or destroyed whenever you no longer need it. They are typically cheap and easy to pay for with cash, to avoid leaving a trail. Then, once you no longer need the burner phone, you can simply destroy the phone or discard it with no one being the wiser.

If you want to use a burner phone, then you are trying not to be identified. Your anonymity might be because you want to phone in an anonymous tip, want to use a secure messaging service, or you don’t want to give out your main number to people like telemarketers who are likely going to spam you with calls.

Additionally, a burner phone can be useful to have in an emergency when you don’t have the ability to connect to wi-fi or cellular data. Not only can they call and text anywhere, but they have an extremely long lasting battery. They will last for days on a single charge, and sometimes even longer, so you will often find them in emergency kits.

Most burner phones talk and text, and that is it. In the world of smartphones and other devices, we typically call burner phones ‘dumb phones.’ Still, the dumb phone can be an important asset to have whenever an emergency comes along.

Use it To Prepare For An Emergency

One of the best things you can see for is for emergencies. If the weather turns bad, an emergency happens, or you need a long lasting backup device that will connect you to the authorities whenever you need some help, then having it can be extremely helpful.

While no one wants to have an emergency happen to them or those close to them, it is always good to be prepared for one. A burner phone can enable you to contact those you love or 911 without any trouble, so make sure to have one.

It Can Be A Great Detox

It is no surprise that our phones, especially smartphones, can be extremely addictive. Plus, in most cases, they are actually designed to be addictive to keep us on them as long as possible. If you’ve felt that your smartphone is controlling you and not the other way around, then a burner phone can allow you to forget about the world of social media and apps and total connectivity for a while.

With a burner phone you won’t have access to the internet or any apps, just the ability to call and text, and receive calls and texts, from loved ones or people who really need you. This can be a great excuse to go on vacation, ditch the phone, and enjoy the world outside of the screen while also being able to be contacted if needed.

Do You Like Your Privacy?

In this interconnected world it is easy to feel like everything we watch and do is monitored by something or someone. In order to get away from the alerts, cookies, trackers, and everything else that is monitoring your data, then you can use a basic burner phone that just works and doesn’t come with any strings attached. 

It also gives you access to a second phone number where you can direct people you might not want to give your real number to. So if you don’t want to be hounded by spam callers, marketers, or people who just seem a little sketchy, then you should get a burner phone to redirect the numbers to.

Where Do I Get A Burner Phone?

You can find burner phones in almost all stores and places where you can get traditional phones, and they are pretty cheap. If you want to keep yourself private, disconnect from the grid, and have an extra option in an emergency, then you should get a burner phone. Plus, unlike in the movies you don’t need to destroy it after you use it, so it should last a long time.


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