Spotify Updates And Features To Be Introduced In 2023


When Spotify’s free and premium versions get introduced in 2008, it revolutionized how we listen to music. Both editions included millions of tracks and podcast episodes. Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that offers you access to millions of songs and other content from producers. As the most widely used audio streaming service, it currently has a community of 406 million global listeners over 184 markets – click now for driving Spotify plays. Spotify’s 2023 updates have only improved the service for fans of music and podcasts.

Here are the new features added to Spotify in 2023.

The Sing-Along Function

Spotify’s subscribers started receiving a karaoke option in late June. Anyone can participate in the singing by using this mode. On the screen, the song words are visible to their advantage. The new feature reportedly also rates the singing’s intensity on a scale of one to one hundred. (Zolpidem) No premium subscription is needed to use the feature, which is open to everyone. Not anyone can utilize it as of right moment. Users will have to update their applications. They can determine whether they can use the feature by upgrading.

Improved and New Forms of Advertising

Targeting podcast listeners is now possible with new ad forms. When an ad gets played while a song is playing, graphic advertising is displayed. Because of the latest live marketing positioning technology, this is achievable. People will see commercials for various brands while they are utilizing the software. Marketers may now use customizable graphics and fonts in their advertisements and keys tapped.

Additionally, this aids those who listen to podcasts about brands, establishments, and products they have previously heard about

Better Iconography

Each software needs icons to function correctly. It is now simpler to browse the app due to the updated icons, designed to catch the user’s eye.

Karaoke Mode

Late in June, Spotify subscribers began to receive a karaoke feature. Anyone can use the mode to sing along to the tune of their favourite songs. The music lyrics get displayed on the screen for their assistance. According to reports, the new feature also rates the caliber of singing and assigns a score out of 100.

Users do not need to be premium subscribers to use the feature, which is Free to anyone. Not all users have access to it yet. Users upgrade their Spotify applications to see if the option gets added. 

New appearance for icons

The branding and brand recall value gets significantly influenced by its typography. After six years after its substantial overhaul in 2016, Spotify released a new style for its icons that took this into account.

Once again, the iconographer Rob Bartlett and the Encore Foundation, the app’s design systems team, collaborated to produce a new set of icons. Bolder strokes will get used on the new icons to improve readability. It indicates that the weight and thickness of the strokes have grown.

With stroke sizes of 1.5 pixels and 2 pixels, respectively, Spotify has chosen two icon sizes: 16px and 24px. The music streaming app’s icon scheme gets significantly streamlined as a result. 


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