Tecno Spark 5 Pro

    Tecno Spark 5 Pro

    Tecno is a rising smartphone brand in the South Asian region. This Chinese company has been targeting the market with its cheap phone since its launch in 2006. This was a huge plus point. But things were not working for them as they started to establish their business in the Asian region. Something changed; they made colossal research. And before their homework, they shifted their focus in the African market. In this article, we will give you a complete idea about Tecno Spark 5 Pro.

    This was a huge move that shifted the luck for them. By the year 2008, they became the fasted grossing smartphone brand in Africa. They introduced good but cheap smartphones in the African region. Quickly they became the favorites and also got awarded. They became the best ‘Student Friendly” phone in Africa. They launched other subsidies brand name iTel, and that also picked up the pace real quick.

    After the success in Africa, Tecno tried their luck in the Middle East. They also good some fortune in that market as well. They have a strong base and are targeting the South Asian market again. Will they be able to pick up the pace? Master, what they couldn’t before? Time will tell. But now, the main concern is not that. Today we will be focusing on one of their recent addition in the market. I am talking about the Tecno Spark 5 Pro.

    This product was launched on the 13th of June, 2020. As we are in the global lockdown, this product did not receive some hands-on experience. Today we will be going through the specs and try to evaluate the user experience that this phone will be offering its customers. So please stick with us all the time as we progress further.

    Tecno Spark 5 Pro: Designs, Display, Performance and More

    As you guys are well aware, I tend to go to the very core of a particular product. This allows me to get a better understanding of the product’s capability and user experience. Specific criteria will enable me to fulfill the desires of my readers. So, the requirements are:

    • Design
    • Display
    • Performance
    • Camera
    • Battery
    • Sensors and Other Features
    • Water Resistance

    So, without wasting any more time, let us dig into the investigation real quick. First up, we will be talking about the design of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro.

    Design of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro: The Elegant in Class

    Some of us will surely make a weird face when I say that the design of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro is elegant. But, when they will see the device themselves, they will also have no choice but to agree on the facts.

    First of all, let us talk about the colors of the phone. This phone is available in four color variants. Those are Ice Jadeite, Spark Orange, Seabed Blue, and Cloud White. All of the color combinations are looking vivid and eye-pleasing. I like the Seabed Blue.

    The body is made out of plastic. That means the body and the framing are of high-grade plastic. This is expected in phones, which are at a similar price point. On the other hand, you cannot expect something that has a metal framing or a glass body in the 150 US dollar price range.

    Despite having a plastic build, this phone has a good built quality. Now speaking of the dimensions, this phone has a good ratio overall. The length of the phone is 6.48 inches. The width is around 3.00, and the breadth is 0.35 inches. So, as you can see, this one has a pretty standard size. The weight of the phone is still unknown as it has not hit the stores yet. But still, we have no review units. The display has a punch hole cut out for the selfie camera. This is a trendy addition to this price point.

    The design is pretty appealing, and it will catch some attention indeed. I liked the approach so far. Now, let us go through to the next segment. The next element is the display of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro.

    Display of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro: Punch Hole 720p IPS!

    As you have got a quick summary in the heading, I will be going through the specs of the display real quick. This display has an IPS LCD Panel with a punch hole cut out. This is pretty unique for the fact that it is a lower mid-budget phone. Anyways, the resolution is cranked down a bit to stay in the budget. So, instead of going for the home run, Tecno has decided to settle in with a 720 p display. This is a high definition display. The resolution is 720 into 1600 pixels.

    This display has a 16 M color count. This is pretty basic nowadays. The show is 6.6 inches. The bezels are minimal, as well as the chins. Thanks to the punch-hole display, the viewing experience is enhanced by quite a margin. This is pretty good for the audience. But the main factor is the pixel density. The pixel density is not that up to the mark. So, this won’t be the brightest. But overall, this will have some of the main features of the IPS LCDs.

    Speaking of the viewing experience, this display has an 83.7% screen to body ratio. This is quite good for the overall viewing. But we should not forget that this is, after all, an LCD panel. So, it will have its limitations.

    Overall, this display is a value for money indeed. I know you are asking for a full HD panel. Tecno should have tried hard, but still, the outcome is pretty solid.

    Now let us move on to perhaps the most awaited segment of all. The Performance of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro. This is considered as the brain and heart of the phone itself.

    Performance of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro: Android 10 and More!

    Tecno has been pushing hard. They have been innovating and trying to give the best in the business to its consumers. This time they have not made any exceptions. This is pretty much the case in the performance section.

    The performance section contains two sub-sections. First of all, the software section. The software section is the set of software that typically runs the phone. The other subsection is the hardware section. The hardware section supports the phone with the required horsepower. We will be going through the units one by one. This will allow us to see the collaboration of both the teams.

    First up, we will be going through the critical aspects of the software unit.

    The Software Unit

    This phone runs in android, as the majority of the smartphone does. The main surprise is that this phone runs in the latest version of android. This is the Android Version 10. This is pretty sweet and has an awful lot of added features. This boosts the hardware and the OS for better performance.

    On the other hand, the Tecno Spark 5 Pro comes with HIOS 6.1. This OS is relatively good, to be honest. There are some minor glitches, but that will be fixed after some updates. Overall, the software unit was right, the apps were optimized, and the user experience is up to the mark.

    Now, we will be focusing on the hardware unit. The hardware unit will have a crucial advantage over the performance unit.

    The Hardware Unit

    First of all, we would like to discuss some o0f the significant aspects and components of the hardware unit. The hardware unit has some essential features. First of all, the main part is the chipset. Phones in this particular price range use MediaTek chipset. So, this phone has been using the famous MediaTek Helio A25. This chipset is a 12 Nanometer chipset, capable of producing a clock speed of 1.8 GHz. As it is a SOC, so there are ARMs cores inside the chipset. This is an Octa-Core processor. The first Cortex A53 cores generate almost 1.8 GHz in clock speed. The rest of the quad cores generate a decent 1.5 GHz. Those are also traditional Cortex A53 cores. The graphics processing unit is the PowerVR GE8320.

    Then comes the RAM. This is a vital component. This phone comes with 4 GB of RAM. And the internal storage is 64 GB. For those of us who need a fair amount of storage, 64 GB might not be sufficient for us. Then you can quickly crank up the volume by adding an SD card in the Dedicated SD Card Slot.

    The overall performance is pretty reliable and smooth. According to the price point, Tecno has done an excellent job. The chipset is well backed up by the components. The software unit does a decent job. The latest android version is really taking advantage of the proper performance components.

    Thus, this phone is generating enough speed as far as the price point is concerned. Now let us shift the focus on the camera unit of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro.

    Cameras of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro: Quad Camera and More!

    This device comes with a quad-camera setup for the rear camera. For the primary camera, you will be experiencing a 16 MegaPixel camera. It has an aperture count of f/1.8. The camera has PDAF sensors. On the other hand, there is a macro lens as the secondary camera. The macro lens is of 2 Mega Pixels. They were followed by a depth sensor, which is also of 2 Mega Pixels. Lastly, there is a QVGA sensor for additional light and image sensing support.

    The selfie or front-facing camera lies on the trendy punch hole camera cut out of the screen. The selfie camera is an 8 Mega Pixels wide-angle camera. It has an aperture count of f/2.0.

    Overall, the camera unit is right. Considering the fact that it has a meager budget, I have to admit, Tecno has done an excellent job. So, this is pretty obvious that you cannot expect something which will have excellent photography experience. But what the phone is offering is a good win for all. Now we will be moving on to the battery unit of the phone.

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    The battery of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro

    This time, Tecno has managed to win hearts. Before unveiling the fact. I want to ask you guys a question. What do you expect the battery to be at this particular price point? Maximum 4000 mAh, right?

    So, you would be happy if Tecno backs you up with a good 4000 mAh battery, right? For those who are satisfied with it, has something to smile on. This Tecno Spark 5 Pro comes with a whopping 5000 mAh battery top keep you charged all day long!

    But having a massive battery does not give you any hope to pass the all-day mark if your phone has no proper power management. This time, Tecno has paid a considerable time to master it. So, not to worry, folks! Tecno got you covered.

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    Sensors and Other Features

    The fingerprint sensor is rear-mounted, and all the other sensors are in place and fully ready.

    Water Resistance

    Unfortunately, Water Resistance will consume a hell lot of effort and money that phones at this price point cannot afford.


    1. What is the Price of this phone?

    In India, it has a price tag of 10,499 INR.

    1. Is the screen full of high definition?

    No, it has a 720p screen panel.

    1. Does it have USB Type C?

    No, USB Type 2 is installed in this product.

    Wrapping Things off!

    So, overall, this was a decent phone in the lower mid-budget range. This is a must-buy for an entry-level user. This was all for today. Stay safe, and stay home!

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