The 4 Most Important Elements of a Cloud Server Backup

    Cloud Server Backup

    Cloud server backups are an important part of maintaining a server. If you don’t have a cloud server backup, after all, your server is at high risk of issues, and it becomes especially prone to outside attacks. However, it’s also important that you have a high-quality cloud server backup provider. If you want to make sure that your cloud server backup is effective and actually works well for your company, here are four elements that you need to hone in on during the selection process.

    1. Simplicity

    Especially if you’re hoping to manage it on your own time, you don’t need an ultra-complicated one  provider. It should be easy to set up the backup with an integration provider, assign all the correct permissions, and allow it to go. That “set it and forget it” mindset is an important part of managing it yourself, so simplicity is always going to be key.

    1. Reliability

    A server backup isn’t very helpful if it randomly goes down on a regular basis. You need to make sure that you can rely on your server backup, as well as on the integrations that you’ve created with the server backup. Data stored in your cloud server should be available for immediate download, and the cloud server should be up basically 100% of the time. Reliability is key so that you can have a minute-by-minute backup.

    1. Safety and Compliance

    Generally, safety and compliance are important elements of any company’s cloud server backup. After all, you never want your data to be at risk in the cloud. However, this becomes even more important if you’re dealing with extremely sensitive information, such as if you’re a healthcare provider or legal company. In these cases, you may have compliance requirements for storing your information. If your company uses any compliance standards, make sure that it allows your company to maintain these compliance standards.

    1. Affordability

    Lastly, it’s important for you to look into the affordability of it. Sure, this shouldn’t necessarily be what “makes or breaks” your cloud server choices, but if your company can barely afford a cloud server backup, you’re going to be reluctant to expand storage to cover everything in your server. Your best bet will be to look for a high-quality one  that allows you to expand your storage whenever necessary, with no minimum storage requirements.


    A cloud server backup can be extremely beneficial for your company’s health and wellbeing. After all, if you don’t really know how to manage your company’s cloud server backup, you’re probably not going to take the steps necessary to prepare for an attack or even just an accident. If you’re looking into cloud server backup options for your company, make sure that you’ve gone over these four important things, and you’ll be more prepared for whatever comes your way.

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