The Best Application To Share Files


It is estimated that over a billion gigabytes of data are generated daily on the internet by millions worldwide. These data, which are in the form of files, are uploaded or downloaded into devices. These devices are shared both online and offline to make communication easier and faster.

Top File Sharing Software

A device to share files must be equipped with file-sharing software/applications. This software comes in different types depending on the size and kind of files to be shared. For office files, applications like Gmail and Slack are primarily used. For files that are to be locked and paid to open, is mainly used. As we advance in this article, we will highlight and discuss other applications/software best for sharing different files.

These devices are shared both online and offline to make communication easier and faster. To keep up with the immense volume of data being generated and shared globally, it is crucial to employ a fast file transfer solution that ensures efficient and rapid uploading and downloading of files across both online and offline platforms. App

Have you ever thought of sharing locked files of photos, videos, or documents and charging your clients to unlock them? If yes, then is the perfect application for you. Unlike other internet file-sharing software, allows you to lock files and put a price tag so people will pay to open them. The app is available on both Android and Apple devices. It’s user-friendly and possesses features that will keep your files secured from unauthorized persons. This app is most suitable for artists, content creators, and entrepreneurs looking to make money off their creativity. Note there is no limit on how much you can charge for your file.


With over a billion downloads on Google App Store, SHAREit is one of the most widely used file-sharing software among mobile device users. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, SHAREit has no limit regarding file sharing size. Using this software, you can share gigabytes of files in seconds. It’s estimated that the app has a sharing speed of over 40 Mbps which is about 150x faster than Bluetooth sharing.

The app makes use of a wireless wi-fi connection when sharing files. You can exchange any file format if all devices are connected to the same network. While moving files using SHAREit, there is no loss in quality. However, it’s important to note that only the app’s basic version is free, while its premium costs $9.99. Some of the software’s added features include inbuilt music and video players.


Gmail App

Gmail is today the world’s most widely used email application. It accounts for 29% of the global email market share, with over 2 billion people owning Gmail addresses. One of the reasons for its popularity is tied to the fact that it’s owned by one of the world’s biggest tech companies Google. However, its wide usage and global acceptability are due to its quality. 

Gmail is an online file-sharing software that enables users to share files across long distances. It is fast, user-friendly, and reliable as long as you have a good internet connection. Due to its advantage in speed and reliability, it is used chiefly to share formal documents like contracts, designs, letters, reports, and company reviews. Anyone using Gmail to transfer files is advised to transfer small files as it’s costly for both the sender and receiver to share and access large files.


Superbeam App

One thing that makes Superbeam stand out among other file-sharing software is that it’s fast and ad-free. Ad free because you don’t get interrupted by annoying ads when sharing files. As for its speed, it can transfer files at high speed of over 42 Mbps. The trick behind Superbeam’s high sharing speed is its use of Wi-fi direct as a means of data sharing. Wi-fi direct is the best and fastest means of file sharing.

Superbeam software design is excellent and user-friendly. The creators made the app easy and secure for everyone with security features like QR codes that must be scanned before files are transferred. Superbeam has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store.


Xender App

Found in almost all smartphones today, Xender App is the best software for sharing large files between devices. It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices. Apart from sharing with smartphones, Xender can also be used to share files with Windows and Mac devices. Like SHAREit, Xender has a built-in video and music player and mp3 converter. The app has over 100 million downloads on the Google app store, making it one of the most used and popular data-transferring software. One feature that makes Xender unique is its phone clone features. This feature allows a person to quickly transfer all data/files from an old phone to a new one. Also, with Xender, you can download your favorite videos that are not available for download on different social media platforms. However, the most significant disadvantage of this app is its annoying ads, which always pop up.


Before using any file-sharing software, it’s essential to check the application’s security features. If it’s an online sharing software, ensure it has end-to-end encryption for the safety and security of your files. Using a software that isn’t secure would mean that you are leaving yourself prone to hackers. You should also consider the speed and quality of the software.


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