The biggest scandal in cycling history

    cycling history

    Lance Armstrong was accused of doping practices on several occasions. In 2001, he was criticized for working with the controversial Michele Ferrari. One of his critics was Greg LeMond, who declared himself disappointed after hearing the news that Armstrong himself had admitted to working with Ferrari. Despite the controversies, exploring 1xBet – online betting on every kind of sport, and especially on cycling, certainly was an excellent choice in cycling history.

    This led to an enmity between the two with accusations from both sides. Meanwhile, the then Tour organizer Jean-Marie Leblanc confessed that he was “not happy” that the names of Armstrong and Ferrari “were mixed”. When Dr. Ferrari was convicted of “sports fraud”, Armstrong broke his professional relationship with the doctor since, he said, he felt “zero tolerance for someone convicted of using or facilitating doping drugs” despite the fact that during his collaboration “he never had suggested, prescribed or supplied any drugs to him. “Ferrari was later acquitted of all charges by an Italian court of appeal. There are many cycling competitions on online betting every kind of sport 1xBet platform.

    Things start to fall apart in cycling history

    In 2004, journalists Pierre Ballester and David Walsh published in a book that Armstrong had used doping substances. The work contained the testimony of the runner’s masseuse Emma O’Reilly, who assured that the cyclist asked her to throw away used syringes and requested makeup to hide the needle marks on his arms. Those who want to bet on cycling can visit any sport bet live is 1xBet platform.

    Another interviewee in the book commented that he and other Motorola team runners, including Armstrong, had begun to resort to doping in 1995. Armstrong sued the newspaper for defamation. The case was settled with an out-of-court settlement. (Zolpidem) Finally, the newspaper’s lawyers stated that “The Sunday Times has confirmed to Mr. Armstrong that never it had been his intention to try to accuse him of having used doping substances and that, therefore, he offered his sincere apologies”. Any Live Sports Bet is a 1xBet betting platform featuring all the cycling races in the world.


    Armstrong was punished. He got many titles in competitions that can be wagered on at . Some of the tournaments that he won, and later the titles were taken away included:

    • the Giro de Italia;
    • the Tour de France;
    • and the Vuelta a España.

    However, there are many highly talented cyclists who give their best performances in cycling history. In this case, it is possible to bet on them at any moment by visiting the 1xBet platform.


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