The Chocolate Room Franchise Food and Beverage

    the chocolate room franchise food and beverage

    Chocolate Room is India’s first chocolate chain company founded in 2007 in Australia with over 14 years of experience managing its chocolate shops. Today we will disclose how to start the Chocolate Room franchise food and beverage in India.

    For franchisees and customers, Chocolate Room is the space where tradition and avant-garde merge, thus creating a place of incomparable elegance and distinction. That makes a unique franchise concept with a clear differentiation from the competition.

    In this framework, you can taste the exquisiteness of the more than 60 artisan products collected in its extensive menu. Inside the chocolate shops, there is also a Chocolate Room food and beverage, where we can find the best chocolates and artisan chocolates, ideal as gifts or enjoy in company.

    Chocolate Room Franchise Food and Beverage

    The Chocolate Room Shops are endearing and welcoming establishments. The customer, alone or accompanied, can enjoy exquisite hot chocolate accompanied by freshly made artisan churros. Also, a wide range like coffees, artisan ice creams, cakes, and selected pastries to meet the needs of different types of customers and seasons of the year.

    However, the Chocolate Room unites in the same space an area to taste their restaurant products with a small shop to sell chocolates, tablets, and exclusive products that customers can only find in their establishments.

    Chocolate Room is a well-known brand loved by customers. It undoubtedly sets us apart from other competitors and places us in a privileged position.

    Since the 2008s, the business model has evolved, adapting its offer and operations to the present day to become a benchmark in the national market.

    Chocolate Room food and beverage offer consist of:

    Hot chocolates, gourmet chocolates

    Breakfasts, special coffees, and teas

    Chocolate granita, cold chocolate

    Ice creams, shakes, and granitas

    Artisan pastries

    Salty menu

    During these years the operation of establishments has been improving. So now we can affirm without fear of being wrong that it is a simple and easy operation.

    the chocolate room franchise food and beverage

    This franchise also provides a support and supervision system for our franchisees to detect any possible deviation and implement corrective measures immediately.

    Why choose the Chocolate Room franchise? 

    The Chocolates Room franchise system is based on communication and trust with the franchisee. It provides franchisees with the following benefits:

    A recognized brand within the sector with more than 14 years of experience in the franchise business

    First chocolate franchise in India

    Support from the factory in the development of specific products

    In addition, the value and guarantee provided by Chocolate Room itself

    Double business: chocolate shop and store in the same concept.

    In short, a successful business model has been tested in different locations and situations.

    Characteristics of client

    Client Types:

    Weekdays: Workers in the area and people passing through.

    Residents of the area.

    Weekend: Families, friends, couples, and tourists looking to enjoy a good product in their moments of leisure and relaxation.

    Summer: Consumption related to tourism and leisure (importance of having terraces).

    Types of consumption depending on seasonality:

    Winter: consumption focused on hot chocolates and churros.

    Summer: greater importance of the cold product (cold chocolate, milkshake, granita, ice cream).

    However, every heterogeneous customer is characterized by the premises’ location and the time of consumption.

    How much does it cost to open a Chocolates Valor franchise?

    Initial investment: Rs. 10lacs to Rs. 20lacs

    Total Investment: Standalone Model: Rs. 40 – Rs. 50 lakhs,

    Compact Model: Rs. 25 – Rs. 30 lakhs,

    Kiosk Model: Rs. 10 – Rs. 15 lakhs

    Brand fee: Model (A)- Kiosk – Rs. 2.5 Lacs , Model (B)- Compact – Rs. 5 Lacs ,(Model C)- Standalone- Rs. 10 Lacs

    Royalty: 8% on net sales

    Exclusivity area: Yes

    Investment amortization: 2.5-3 years

    Contract term: 5 years

    Minimum population: 50,000 inhabitants.

    Minimum Area: 800 sq. feet

    Franchisee profile: Investor or self-employment

    Premises Requirements: Commercial and tourist area, with smoke outlet and the possibility of Terrace

    Business keys

    Chocolate Room is a recognized brand and the first chocolate cafe company in India.

    Also, Chocolate shops with great power of attraction.

    Quality and varied offer that differentiates you from the competition.

    Consolidated franchise operating since 2008.

    Double way of income: chocolate shops and sale of products in the store.

    Simple and easy to manage.

    Chocolates Room Franchise Value

    The Chocolates Room brand is one of the oldest franchises in India. It is the first chocolate company created in the Indian market, with more than 100 years of tradition and an internationally consolidated project in more than 50 countries.

    the chocolate room franchise food and beverage

    The Chocolates Room franchises unite in the same space an area to taste their restaurant products. In addition, they are hot chocolate, freshly made churros, coffees, artisan ice creams, cakes, and specially selected pastries. Also, these are with an area for the sale of chocolates, bars, and exclusive products that the customer can only find in their establishments.

    However, the premises of Chocolates Room are endearing and welcoming establishments, where the client, alone or accompanied, can enjoy the best products.

    The business model of the Chocolate Room Franchise

    As a franchisee of Chocolates Room, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages in your business:

    The franchise that has proven experience with more than 14 years of operation

    A brand recognized and valued by the end customer since they have been operating in the Indian market for several years, becoming the first chocolate shop in India.

    However, they are cosy establishments conceived to taste the most exquisite hot chocolate accompanied by famous artisan churros.

    Also, the Chocolate Room franchise offers a varied menu to meet the needs of different customers and seasons of the year: hot chocolates, chocolate granita, ice creams, smooth and refreshing milkshakes, fruit granitas, and artisan pastries.

    They have a simple and easy operation so that the franchisee can focus on what generates added value, such as customer service and attention.

    However, they can incorporate into their product all the novelties, advances, and improvements. That Chocolates Valor can contribute, both in machinery and in production processes.

    Franchise Data

    Country of origin: Australia. Year of incorporation: 2007. Year of creation of the chain: 2008. The number of outlets: 250+. The number of franchised premises: 200+. Other countries where it operates: More than 50+ countries. Expected billing the first year: Undefined. Also, openings planned for the current year: Undefined. Planned openings next year: Undefined. Priority expansion zones: Undefined.


    Entrance canon (included in the investment): Rs. 250000. Monthly Royalty: 8%. Advertising canon: Rs. 0. Contract duration: 5 years. Investment: From Rs. 10lacs (Work -depending on the state of the premises, machinery, furniture; decoration, computer equipment, crockery). In addition, investment range: From 100,000 to 150,000 INR. Minimum population: 50,000 inhabitants. Other royalties: none

    Location Data

    The minimum area of ​​the premises: 800 square feet. Preferred locations: Locations guarantee a high pedestrian crossing, commercial, and tourist area.

    However, the business model of this franchise that has its most remote roots in 2008 is adaptable to the characteristics found in each opening area as underlined from the central office. Furthermore, it is a valid concept for shopping centers, airports, tourist areas, offices, and shops, a flexibility that allows us to adapt to almost any location, starting from a minimum.

    The brand adds the following competitive advantages to this versatility, as listed by the company.

    Product with very high quality.

    Brand and product highly recognized nationally and internationally, with more than 14 years of history.

    Possibly operating two business lines in a single location: cafeteria/chocolate shop and store of exclusive products and Valor sweets.

    Support from a central office with more than 14 years of experience in the franchise system.

    Great support in the opening.

    An easy-to-manage business model with high returns.

    To weave their network, they select investors looking for a safe option within the hospitality sector. Also, who will be supported in the search for financing? However, in line with this support, the headquarters provides training to the franchisee and all those who are part of the staff in nearby Chocolate Room establishments in management and cooking. “We also promote the promotion of opening at a national and local level, in addition to monitoring the opening and support in the search for premises.”

    FAQ on The Chocolate Room Franchise Food and Beverage

    What does the Value Franchise offer?

    Highlights of the Valor franchise include:

    It has its own manufacture’s first quality raw material that it offers to its franchisees at the best price.

    The know-how of a great brand: Chocolates Valor has been improving and optimizing its processes over time.

    However, it offers high profitability for franchisees.

    Due to these three main issues, we are faced with a hospitality business that gives off an unmistakable aroma of success.

    Why should you choose a Chocolate Room franchise Shop?

    1. Consolidated brand and leader in the food market.
    2. Chocolate Room since 2008.
    3. Respect for the quality of the product and service.
    4. Experience 1st chocolate franchise in India 08′.
    5. Ongoing advice and support from the team of Supervisors at Chocolates Room.
    6. Chocolate shop and shop in the same space.
    7. In addition, the company’s philosophy is based on the family character, where trust is the basis of their relationship.
    8. Support from a large company (TV advertising, brand recognition, R&D, Museum).

    Is Chocolate Room a unique franchise opportunity?

    It is, therefore, a great opportunity to become an individual entrepreneur. And it is that this business has an average return of 30% on the invested capital.

    In addition, each franchise of Chocolate Room includes the necessary training to successfully run this company. Also, the optimal marketing and commercial management tools and the premises’ design, decoration, and equipment. In addition, Chocolates Valor assumes 30% of the franchisee’s investment in machinery and furniture.

    Conclusion on The Chocolate Room Franchise Food and Beverage

    Chocolate Room is the 1st chocolate café Franchise in India, as it has been demonstrating in recent decades. Also, the openings take place throughout the entire Indian geography. However, this franchise consolidates this chocolate brand as a great franchise business option. In addition, since 2008, it has perfected its methods, products, and service.

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