The history of the online casino


    The history of the online casino is very much alive and well, and so is the high regard in which it is held by its customers. Looking at the history of gambling, there are three major landmarks that have shaped the emergence of modern online casinos, including  

    Industrial development

    The first is the development of an industry that took the classic land-based casino to a whole new level in the middle and second half of the last century. Instead of mechanical elements, the first rudimentary software was introduced. Today electromechanical machines of the old style can only be found at rarity shows and in the largest casinos that have their own casino machinery museums.

    Also during the second half of the 20th century, the most popular slots and card game strategies, which are also firmly established features of online venues, were devised and tested. 

    Internet development 

    The development of the Internet was the second major factor that led to the emergence of slots and Vulkan slots casino as we know them today. The Internet quickly became a tool widely available in the 1990s which enabled the first digital copies of the machines to be made and distributed over the web.

    Market regulation

    The last major factor that determined the vector of development and the inevitable emergence of online venues was the legal regulation of the betting process. A pioneer in this respect is the tiny state of Antigua, where an ordinance has been passed to make gambling completely legal. In addition to the licenses that began to be issued to land-based gambling establishments here, companies that go to open an establishment on the Internet, which was not possible before, could also obtain their own license. Today, this island nation continues to be the most attractive and popular place to develop your own gambling business.

    Going online

    A breakthrough for the development of online betting came in 1994, when Microgaming developed the first gaming software to allow online slot betting. At the same time, there was still one important step to be taken before the first full-fledged casino could be opened online – customer security. Several important points can be highlighted here:

    • privacy of personal information;
    • protection of personal account and deposit;

    easy and safe depositing before betting.

    Only by achieving all these goals, it would be possible to have a site that was as safe as a land-based institution, but much more convenient for customers. Cryptologic has contributed to this end. 

    In 1995, the Irish company prepared and implemented a network security concept that allowed the use of the first Internet payment systems to pay for wagers. As a result, already in 1996, the first full-fledged online casino called InterCasino was launched by Cryptologic.

    Modernity and the future of the online casino

    Today’s online casinos offer their visitors a variety of entertainment, including hundreds of slots, card games, lotteries and roulette. The total revenue of online betting sites has long exceeded $18 billion.

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