The Introduction To The History Of IPL

History Of IPL

Cricket is a rage in India with millions of Indians watching and enjoying cricket matches all around the year. Many cricket fanatics can be seen in the stadium cheering from the sidelines. The Indian team has done its best to bring laurels. The team has secured many championships and series. Lately, the cricket team of India has improved a lot in all areas such as batting, fielding, and bowling. History Of IPL-

Taking into account the craze of cricket among Indians, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to introduce cricket with a new format. It has the T20 format with matches of limited overs.

The introduction and History Of IPL

The idea of creating an IPL format was initially brought up by Lalit Modi, the vice president of BCCIModi was keen to create a league that can draw the attention of people of all ages including young cricket fans.

He believed that this T20 format tournament would provide highquality competition that would make spectators forget about slowpaced matches.

Designed on a roundrobin concept, the IPL comprises group stage contests and the last four playoffs. This arrangement allows each team to play with the other team at least once. The top four teams then progressed to the last playoff phase.

The first season of IPL was conducted in 2008 with eight different teams that were separated into two groups. The matches are held in different cities of India. The matches are fastpaced and thrilling and are completed in a span of just a few days.

The admired teams of IPL

IPL started with eight teams, based in different states of India. The last decade has seen major shuffling and changes in the IPL teams. Most of the teams were suspended and were not allowed to partake in future leagues. However, some teams managed to make their impression in the IPL history and performed consistently well.

Mumbai Indians or MI is a cricket team, representing Maharashtra. It is owned and managed by Reliance Industries, which is one of the richest industries in India. MI is the favorite of many as they have been successful on several occasions.

Regarded as the Champions of IPL, Mumbai Indians managed to bag the trophy five times, which is commendable. In 2010, they were very close to the trophy but defeated by Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are the kings of IPL with achievements of being a four times IPL winner, five times runners up, and one time a semifinalist. This is in itself a huge achievement for any team in the IPL league. The team is captioned by MS Dhoni, who is wellknown for their persistence and hard work.

Other IPL teams that have shown their mettle in the cricket fields are Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, and Kolkata Knight Riders. Some teams have never bagged the trophy.

IPL 2022: new and fresh

IPL format is fresh and refreshing and therefore it is accepted by Indian and International audiences and fans. People love watching their favorite Indian and International cricketers playing together.

The duration of IPL matches also makes them nailbiting and interesting. Most people are not able to follow fiveday test matches. The test matches also tend to become boring at times, but IPL matches last for only three hours, the format that suits most of the working people and students.

The new and fresh season of IPL 2022 is almost here. It promises to be more thrilling and remarkable as this edition of IPL will see two more new teams competing for the trophy.

Unlike eight teams that used to fight each other for the championship, there will be ten teams this year with Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Gujarat Titans (GT).

The management has made some tweaks in the format to accommodate the new teams. The ten teams are segregated into two groups according to their performance and each group has five teams. You will enjoy 14 matches among these teams with four playoffs among the best four teams.

Betting on IPL

IPL is a source of entertainment not only for audiences but punters as well. Sports punters enjoy betting on IPL matches for entertainment purposes and for making money.

Indian bettors can legally make online bets on IPL. The only condition is to choose the sportsbooks which are based outside of India and accept Indian currency. If you are looking for safe sports betting website for Indians, do check this link  for more information about the IPL teams.

The craze of IPL- History Of IPL

The IPL is an entertaining league where the viewers watch International and local players playing together. It also provides a launching pad for young players to make their careers successful.

IPL gives the chance to sports bettors to bet and earn money. In recent years, many websites such as Parimatch have begun to accept Indian rupees as payment, which gives Indian fans even more options to place their bets.

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