The three biggest casinos in the world

casinos in the world

Having fun is what life is all about, and if you are able to share a moment in time with friends or family, the moment becomes more of a lasting memory. With this being said, for centuries now, casinos and betting establishments have been seen as a meeting place for friends, to share these special moments whilst placing bets and, on occasions, even winning – all whilst strengthening their bond!- casinos in the world

As time has passed, we have seen more players logging in to virtual casinos online, rather than heading to their local brick and mortar establishments. With enticing casino offers from Betfair and other casino sites, as well as the accessibility and many other perks of playing online it’s no wonder more and more people are trying their hand at different games and creating new winning moments within their life. 

However, even with this ever-growing demand for new and exciting digital games and experiences, sometimes you can’t beat heading out to a land-based establishment with your friends. With this in mind, join us as we showcase three of the biggest casinos in the world, perfect for a night out, making those special memories with friends, or places to add to your ‘to go’ list.

1.WinStar World Casino – USA

Located in Thacker Village, Oklahoma, comprised of over 600,000 square feet of land, all dedicated to gambling, is the world’s largest casino. First opening in 2003, then reopening in 2013 after an expansion, this venue has welcomed players from all over the world through their doors, who are all looking to experience a game or two in the world’s biggest casino.

The casino is comprised of many themed sections including places within the world, allowing visitors to practically travel the world with their gameplay. WinStar World Casino also boasts well-furnished restaurants with a variety of entertainment spots too.

2.The Venetian Macao – China

The Venetian is classed as possibly being the second-largest casino in the world, sitting within 546,000 square feet with a gaming area containing face ID recognition, there’s 3,000 gaming machines, 870 tables specifically designed for card games, and so much more. If this wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, there are three huge shopping centres within the building, as well as swimming pools and a variety of restaurants.

3.SkyCity Casino – New Zealand

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, is the SkyCity Casino. Home to over 2,100 gaming machines, there are more than 150 table games ready to welcome card game enthusiasts, as well as so many other features. If this wasn’t enough, SkyCity Casino has taken gameplay to the next level, by opening up a corresponding online version for all New Zealand-based players, allowing people from all over the country to play their favourite games from anywhere they have internet access!

So, there you have it, the three largest casinos in the world. Which casino do you think you and your friends would enjoy the most? Or will you make it your next mission to make memories within all three? The choice is yours!

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