Things to do before an employment drug screening


Drug testing is an important part of any government or corporate organization. It is a way to find out individuals who are illegally taking drugs for recreational purposes.

The global drug testing market will be about USD 11.7 billion by 2028.

If your employer has also asked you to be prepared for drug testing or if you plan to conduct one in your office soon, then here are some things you should do beforehand.

  1. Don’t consume certain items

No, this isn’t about not consuming alcohol or drugs before the test. For example, certain food items can be a red flag before drug testing, even if you’re not a drinker or someone who consumes tobacco or drugs.

For example, seafood contains traces of elements like arsenic and mercury that can appear as false positives on your drug test. So avoid eating seafood at least 2 days before the testing.

Other than this, coffee and tea are known to cause false positives as they contain trace amounts of metanephrine, indicating a possible withdrawal from drugs.

Fruits like avocados and bananas contain serotonin, so don’t take them 72 hours before the testing.

  1. Don’t take drugs, even if it’s just a little bit

This might seem quite obvious, but if you’re heavily dependent on recreational drugs or have just tried them out for the first time, it’s a good idea to quit them completely.

Taking drugs will not only show up on your drug test results but will also have long-term negative consequences on your physical and mental health.

Today’s drug testing kits are accurate, leaving almost no scope for mistakes.

For example, ibuprofen used to give false positive results for marijuana earlier, but with advancements in medical science, this is no longer the case.

So even if you have tried consuming drugs just once, the traces will appear on the report.

  1. Bring the correct paperwork

Most companies will ask employees to complete a no-objection form a few days before the scheduled drug testing.

Make sure to complete these forms accurately and carry them with you on the test day. To avoid any last-minute rushes, it’s best to fill out all the necessary details as soon as you get the paperwork.

Keep the documents in a folder so you don’t lose them. Other than the drug testing forms and brochures, you should also carry your employee identity card, a government identity card, and any other document that might be required.

While many drug testing services accept scanned pdfs of the IDs on your phone, others prefer a hard copy

  1. Test yourself at home

A home detection kit can be useful if you don’t know what to do before the test.

It will help calm your nerves and give you a rough estimate of the baseline from which the drug detection company will figure out the level of drugs in your system.

Take a urine sample right after you wake up and before you consume any food or drink.

If the result returns drug-free, you’ll feel more relaxed and prepared for the upcoming drug test. But if it returns positive, you can try diluting your urine through different methods.

But remember, most over-the-counter home detection kits are not as accurate as professional kits, so there will be more room for error. So, try to get your hands on a professional drug testing kit!

  1. Be honest 

This is something that most alcohol and drug-takers refrain from doing. Before the test begins, the medical representative might ask you about the different kinds of recreational things that you consume. (order xanax online pakistan)

You might be tempted to lie and say you don’t take cigarettes or alcohol, but this idea is bad.

It’s important to give them a clear picture of all the substances you’re taking, especially if you take any medication

Most of the time, your employer might be lenient with you if they learn that the drug traces found in your system are simply from medicines or other supplements. So be honest about whatever you take.

Over to you…

When you’re preparing for a drug testing procedure, keep in mind to be calm and composed. Follow your physician’s pre-screening instructions, and you’ll be completely fine.


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