Things to You Should Know About Basement Floods


When disaster strikes, your first reaction might be panic and confusion. Property damage from water, fire, mold, or smoke can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. Fortunately, you are not alone. You can search online for residential restorations in my area and find the certified experts at Restoration 1, who are here to help you with residential restoration and can put your home and life back to normal again.

What is Residential Restoration?

Professionals provide residential restoration services that guide homeowners through restoring their property to pre-disaster conditions. Depending on the damage, they may repair, reconstruct, and clean up. The team at Restoration 1 has a wealth of experience and a rock-solid reputation in residential restoration.

Why Choose Restoration 1?

What sets Restoration 1 apart from other residential restoration services is its commitment to providing homeowners with the care and attention they need. They demonstrate their outstanding level of service by sending a team of professionals to assess the damage upon request. Then, they provide their customers with an expert assessment and an action plan indicating how they plan to proceed.

The team at Restoration 1 will also take the time to carefully explain each step of the process so you understand exactly what is being done and have peace of mind throughout the process. Plus, the professionals are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), meaning you will receive the best care for you and your home.

Common Types of Property Damage

The types of property damage Restoration 1 handle range from water and fire to smoke and mold. Let’s look at a few of the more common residential restoration needs.

Water Damage: Water damage occurs when there is a backup, a malfunctioning appliance, a leak, or flooding due to intense rainfall. This can cause a wide range of issues, from warping to rotting. If a homeowner finds a flooding issue, they should immediately call a certified expert to find the source of the issue and prevent further damage.

Fire Damage: Fire damage can be devastating. It causes many health hazards, from smoke and soot to contaminated air and asbestos. The certified technicians at Restoration 1 have the experience and know-how to remove all the smoke and soot from the fire and repair any structural damage.

Mold Damage: Mold comes with water damage and requires a damp, dark environment to grow. It can cause respiratory issues and other health hazards, so the technicians at Restoration 1 are prepared to find, contain, and remove the mold and determine its source so it doesn’t return.

Smoke Damage: Smoke damage causes a host of issues. It can cause discoloration on walls and fill walls, ceilings, and vents with soot and smoke residue. This can be hazardous to your health and cause long-term damage to your property. The certified experts at Restoration 1 have the right products and techniques to eliminate the smoke and soot smell and protect the structure of your home.

Tips to Help Manage a Residential Restoration Disaster

  • De-Stress: The most important thing is to stay calm. Panicking will only make the situation worse. Take a few deep breaths and focus on making decisions from a place of reason and clarity.
  • Cut Utilities: You should turn off your power, gas, and water to ensure your pipes don’t contribute to flooding.
  • Find the Source: When flooding occurs, finding the source and turning it off is important. This could be a backed-up sewer line, overflowing appliance, broken pipe, or something similar.
  • Remove Items: Take out any items that got wet during the disaster. This includes anything from furniture to carpet to clothing.
  • Clean The Area: Use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to soak up any standing water, and then use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt, debris, and excess moisture.
  • Get Air Circulating: Get some air circulating by opening the windows and running fans. This will help speed up the drying process.
  • Dehumidify: You can also purchase dehumidifiers to help suck out any extra moisture from the air and vacant spaces.
  • Call Restoration 1: Don’t forget! At times like these, you should contact the certified experts at Restoration 1. They have the experience, products, and certified technicians to take care of your needs and handle the situation in the best way possible.


A property disaster can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. The certified experts at Restoration 1 understand these difficult times and can be trusted to properly restore your property to its pre-disaster condition. They offer experienced and certified technicians, understanding customer service personnel, and professional restoration services. From the initial assessment to explaining each step of the process, they will ensure you are supported at every step. Contact Restoration 1 today and let them return your home and life to normal.


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