Three things your mobile betting app must have

    your mobile betting app

    Online betting is on the rise, and we’ve seen millions of new players join the party over the last two years. Changes to the rules regarding sportsbook gambling in the United States and Canada opened the door for sports fans to begin making predictions and legally gambling on their favourite competitions, teams and players. Many took to betting quickly, enjoying their newfound freedoms as they aimed to beat the bookies and make a profit while watching the NFL, English Premier League and horse racing.- your mobile betting app

    Recent online sports betting reviews shined a light on the habits of these new bettors, showing more wagers are placed using smartphones than desktop computers and at land-based betting offices and casinos combined. Sports bettors love the convenience, speed and excitement of gambling on their Android or iOS device.

    If you have been toying with the idea of getting involved and placing bets on the next sports fixture that catches your eye, you are joining at the best time. The online gambling industry is more competitive today than it has ever been in the past, with established names forced to battle against new betting apps for your business. It’s a glorious time to be a sports bettor, and we’re here to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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    Hints and tips– your mobile betting app

    When you start out betting on sports, you will want to join the best bookie. There is no shortage of gambling apps selling themselves as the standout in the industry, but when you take a closer look and research a betting app, you’ll find that most are nothing more than hot air. They use clever marketing and eye-catching promotions to help them stand out from the crowd and encourage you to open an account, ignoring the competition. 

    Finding the right online sportsbook for you isn’t easy, but there are some hints and tips included in this article that could help steer you on the right path. Read on as we explain the three features a betting app must have even to be considered by you. These may sound like luxuries or us pushing our luck but rest assured that the points raised here can be found in all major betting apps. 

    As for asking for too much, that will never be the case. You should always demand the very best from your online bookie, and if they don’t at every turn, it’s time to look elsewhere. Remember, the online gambling industry is a cut-throat business, and you can afford to be picky, making the bookie work for your business.

    Welcome bonus- your mobile betting app

    The quickest way to find a great online betting app is to look at the welcome bonus. Is it generous enough, or can you find better elsewhere? Remember we spoke about the competitiveness of the industry and the need for bookies to stand out? This is how they achieve that. 

    The best sportsbooks offer new customers a welcome bonus free bet when you sign-up, make your first deposit from a debit card and place a qualifying sports bet. The free bet may be equal to or greater than your first deposit and wager.

    Live streaming- your mobile betting app

    If a betting app is worth your time, it should have a live streaming tab. This allows you to watch horse racing and other major sports fixtures completely free of charge if you have placed a bet on the outcome. You can watch the action live on your smartphone from anywhere in the country, providing you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

    The live streams are HD quality with expert commentary. There’s also in-play betting odds available, live scores from around the country and predictions. You’ll have everything you need to watch and bet on the game.


    Most bets are placed before the advertised start time of a competition, but that’s not the only option open to you. The best bookies allow registered members to bet on fixtures that have already begun. 

    This is known as in-play betting. Watch the match closely on the live stream, and keep your eye out for any obvious trends or clues. You can then wager in-play at the click of a button.

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