TikTok Marketing 101: How To Improve Your eCommerce Brand?

Your eCommerce Brand

Today, TikTok took the marketing industry by storm. TikTok has short-format videos of dance covers, music, and TikTok challenge videos to post. Hence, the brands on TikTok are trying to benefit from the video’s popularity. Also, TikTok serves as an ideal platform to reach out to massive customers by boosting sales rates. TikTok works as a perfect marketing platform by driving an eCommerce brand. As a TikTok brand, you should start your business account then try to create an engaging content strategy. Do you need to improve your profile’s popularity among your followers? If yes, begin to buy tiktok followers that increase TikTok likes and views. 

Let us take a complete look at the best TikTok marketing ways where you can promote your eCommerce brand. Thus, you can decide whether TikTok offers the right option for your business growth.  

The Start Of TikTok

ByteDance launched the TikTok app in 2016. After a year, it got rival company Musical.ly and started to release it as TikTok from 2018 onwards. Indeed the number of TikTok users continues to double up after the merge. Now, TikTok serves as the best social media app targeting short-format videos. Users can make short videos using music from the app’s in-built library of soundtracks from other uploads. The general TikTok content consists of reactions, TikTok challenges, and tutorials. 

Due to the pandemic lockdowns, the relaunch of TikTok took the platform’s fame where followers became visible. In the UK alone, TikTok installation skyrocketed up to 34% after the pandemic lockdowns. The following reason for TikTok’s popularity is the platform’s authenticity. Based on the study, 64% of TikTok users say they can be themselves on the app. Also, this study says that 68% of the users can find their TikTok ads to be unique or different from other social media platforms. This user idea may assist brands to better partner with potential customers. 

How TikTok Works Perfect For An eCommerce Brand? 

Suppose you need to know how the users on TikTok works suitable for your eCommerce business and brands. Let us take a look at the in-depth solution. From the TikTok user population, it is evident that there are massive young users along with the genuine old TikTok users. If you are thinking of spending an enormous amount of money on TikTok ads, then consider the TikTok app is more effective for business brands that promote more to women and also target a younger audience. 

Yet, even if your potential customers don’t use the platform as much, it doesn’t mean advertising on TikTok will be a loss. Indeed, you can get the attention of general TikTok audiences with your brands and businesses. In contrast, Facebook’s 55 and older users doubled after 2012 and based on the research center, 65% of adults used social media platforms in 2015 compared to just 7% in 2005.  

Fun Fact: Just like millennials who leveraged the social media platforms. Now, the TikTok app expands among the Gen Z audience base. Also, 60% of every TikTok user is born between 1996. Above all, Gen Z audiences have got massive buying potential. It estimates at around 143 billion US dollars. So you got the best chance to improve your eCommerce brand performance through TikTok marketing methods. If you need to boost your brand awareness on TikTok, start to use Trollishly, where you can expand your profile traffic. 

Best Practices For Creating Brand-Based TikTok Content

  1. Begin To Post Often

On average, the best-performing brands on TikTok post at least 3.52 times within a week. Hence, schedule your content posting calendar ready for your eCommerce marketing. 

  1. Make Use of Attractive Music

From TikTok’s in-built library, you can craft your video independently. Yet, business accounts can no longer commercially use the few kinds of music that other users can because of the copyrights. 

  1. Talk On Your Customer’s Language

Communicating in your customer’s language seems to be a fundamental aspect of every marketing campaign. Next, when marketing on TikTok, you should ensure that there’s an adequate number of younger people on the platform’s niche. 

  1. Associate With TikTok Influencers

TikTok connects with influencers, and it’s the best way to offer quick results for your products to become visible. Also, it can sometimes be a little expensive when you work with influencers who already have massive followers. 

Yet, you can also work with micro-influencers same as on Instagram. The best fact is that TikTok has a feature that lets you identify and partner with your influencers who generate content over your niche. 

  1. Use Appropriate Hashtags

Try to research your TikTok hashtags and engage through the TikTok challenge where people would like to participate. For instance, look at Colgate’s #MakeMomSmile and Guess #InMyDenim.  If you need to make your TikTok profile trending among your followers, start to follow the hashtag strategy. With this, you can even use Trollishly, where you can increase your TikTok engagement. 

Short Look At eCommerce On TikTok 

Apart from offering your brands on TikTok to promote, the platform works with the features that let buyers buy from the products in-app. In 2021, the TikTok app started the TikTok Shop features, which allowed the users of Business accounts to include products into their account pages. There’s a 2% charge for every order on TikTok Shop. Sellers with Shopify stores also merge with TikTok. 


TikTok advertising works for everyone on the platform, mainly if you are a small business. Yet, establishing a TikTok account maybe offer effective results despite the advertising as you can make authentic content that you can even share with your followers without promotions. I hope you understood the TikTok marketing 101: how to improve your eCommerce business. Thanks for reading!


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