Tips and Tools on How to Fix Most Common PS4 Problems


    It’s been almost 10 years since Sony released PlayStation 4. And even now, this device remains one of the market’s most popular consoles. And like all other popular devices, it also has glitches. That’s why we asked Howly experts how to perform a regular PS4 system check to keep system maintenance. They told us their tricks that can help fix common PlayStation problems at home. Continue reading to find out working tips and tools to troubleshoot your PS4 at home.

    PS4 Randomly Turns Off

    This issue was one of the most common back in 2013-2015, but some users may face it even today. The console just randomly turns off while you are using it. Also, it refuses to launch when you press the Power button.

    Check the power connection 

    Damaged cords or ports may be the primary cause of this malfunction. Disconnect the power cable from the console and outlet. Reconnect again to see If it helps. 

    Check the power cord to see if there is something unusual with it. Change it to brand new: you can find many budget-friendly $15-25 options.

    Check the Hard Drive

    Turn off the console, remove HDD/SSD and connect it to the computer as an external drive. If the PC refuses to read it, there is a problem with the hard drive. 

    It can be software issues on the console caused by a recent update. Boot the console in Safe Mode to figure it out. If this doesn’t help you, your hard drive is mostly broken. Go to the service or change it with the new drive.

    PS4 Wi-Fi Issues

    If you face issues with the wireless connection, check the router. Try to connect with other devices. If they have the same problems, reboot the router.

    If you see the NW-31297-2 note, don’t panic. It’s a minor software bug on the PS4 4.5 version. Disconnect the console from the current network, and reconnect by entering the password. Update the system to PS4 5.0 or higher.

    Blinking Red Light

    This light indicator shows you that you have overheating problems in your PS4. It can be a fan malfunction or overheating due to active gaming in a hot and warm environment.

    Give the console a rest. Turn it off, unplug it from the power, and don’t use it until it cools down. Usually, 25-40 minutes will be enough. Make sure that is enough space to “breathe” and avoid situations where the console is standing on soft furniture, blankets, and carpets.

    Disk Reading Issues

    PlayStation 4 can install games from the disc. People still use it to get their favorite game way cheaper by buying used discs. So the main cause of the reading malfunction may be a scratched disk. That’s why the system can’t read it correctly.

    If the disc is in perfect condition, the problem lies in the system. Check that you eject the disc and shut down the PS4. Turn the PS4 off the power cord and wait for a few minutes. This procedure helps to solve a lot of system glitches in the console.

    If it didn’t help, your PlayStation 4 has hardware issues. Contact the nearest repair station. They will change this detail. They do it for free if the device is still under warranty.

    Damaged DualShock Sticks

    When you play a lot, it is inevitable to wear a gamepad. It can get shabby, dirty, or even broken (but not critically). The rubber pads wear out most rapidly. 

    The easiest solution to this issue is to buy sticker covers. It will save the sticks and give you more space for customization. Look for stickers with a texture, so your fingers don’t slip while playing high-action games like Dark Souls.

    The PlayStation is Running Out of Storage

    Even though the modern variation of PS4 has 1TB of storage, it is still not enough. AAA games can usually take up from 100 Gb to 300-400 Gb of storage. So if you don’t customize the console, you can simultaneously have only 3-6 AAA games on the PS4. We have 2 solutions for you:

    • Connect an external hard drive and use it as extended storage. Plug it into the console with a USB port and choose Format as Extended Storage.
    • Customize the console. Swap out your genuine PS4 HDD for any other 2.5-inch hard drive. You can mount any suitable drive up to 8TB.

    Headphones Refuse to Work 

    If you don’t hear anything through your headset connected to the DualShock 4, you can fix it within minutes. Look at the headphone settings on PS4. If you don’t hear anything, maybe you just disable the accessories. Follow the next path: Settings Devices Controllers Output to Headphones All Audio.

    If you can’t find Output to Headphones, your headphones are not connected to the console. That’s why you don’t hear anything from it. We have a few solutions for you:

    • Wired headphones. Unplug them and plug them back into the controller. Clear the headphone jack. It may be clogged.
    • Bluetooth headphones. Make sure that it’s paired with the controller. 

    If the earbuds aren’t connected, sync the console with your earbuds.

    1. Follow this path: Settings Devices Bluetooth Devices.
    2.  Launch the Pair Mode on your plugs. Look at the manual to find out how you can do this.
    3. Wait until you see headphones in the Bluetooth Devices menu. It will be the device with a question mark near it.
    4. Choose your plugs and wait until the indicator on the screen changes from blue to green.

    That’s it! Your Bluetooth headphones and PlayStation console are now paired.

    Final thoughts

    As you see, PS4 malfunctions are pretty fixable! All you need for this is a few minutes and a fine troubleshooter. We hope that your PlayStation 4 will serve you for years. Save our guide in bookmarks, so you can fix any console issue within minutes. 



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