Top 3 Best Free Screen Recorder with Video Editor 2022


Are you looking for the best free screen recorder for PC with a video editor? As you know, we are in the modern era where most of us need to record the screen of our pc for a different task. There is a lot of software available that helps screen recording and editing videos, but most of them are paid. So the question is, which software is good for recording and editing video at the same time for free? Let me tell you; there are a few free screen recorders through which you can record your pc screen without paying anything.

In this article, we enlisted the six best free screen recorders and video editors for windows pc 2022.


iTop is a screen recorder, and its specialty is that it has a video editing inbuilt tool that makes it the perfect choice for content creators. If you have iTop installed on your pc, you do not need to purchase other editing tools. You can capture the screen and edit that video in the same app. you can edit any kind of unlimited video with iTop inbuilt editing tool. Its editing tool has different features such as filters, stickers, transitions, effects, layout etc. additionally, and you can also edit any audio track.

The user can cut videos, merge them with other videos, and you can add frames; even you can add any sound or music to the video. It also has the option to add animated characters to make it more engaging. 

how to record screen

In addition, you can change the format of the video and choose any screen ratio. You can add subtitles to your videos and directly upload them on any social media profile. (


  • User-friendly software 
  • It offers stable FPS during recording
  • Hd video quality 
  • No time limit for screen recording
  • Unlimited editing options 
  • Two-month warranty 


    • It works on windows 7/8/10/11
  • OBS studio

OBS studio is unique screen recording software. With the help of this tool, content creators can do live streams while playing games. Most of you tubers and twitch use this app for live streaming. 

The perks of this tool are that it is free of cost and has an open source. You can use this app on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The limitation of this app is that it is not very easy to use. You will have to learn how to use this software.

This software has brought ease for gamers. Now they easily stream and record games. This software has unique features like customizable hotkeys to initiate recording, clip making, customized watermark, webcam frames and seamless overlays.

To use this tool, it is suggested to have a dual monitor setup. You can do editing and screen recording with OBS studio, but it requires skills and learning. This tool is best for professional streamers.


  • It is free 
  • It has unique, customizable features
  • It has professional-level streaming and recording capabilities 


    • It is difficult to use for beginners
  • Flashback 

Flashback is a popular screen recording software for pc. It is user-friendly and has many unique features like tutorials, record instructional guides, how-to videos etc. it works on Windows 7,8 and 10. You can export screen recordings in different formats like MP4, AVI, GIF etc. You can upload these videos on different forums like youtube and Twitter.

The unique feature of flashback is that it can record multiple displays at once. You can record the webcam and microphone at the same time. You can even record the videos automatically.


  • With this software, you can record different monitors simultaneously 
  • It has the ability to Automatic record the videos
  • It is an Intuitive editing tool


  • It works only on windows 
  • Watermark appears on the free version


The screen recorder and video editors who are mentioned above are good, but the iTop screen recorder is the best screen capturing and video editing tool because it has all the advanced features which make our videos more interesting and engaging. 

So if you are looking for the best screen recorder and video editor, download iTop screen recorder and video editor. 

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