Top 3 No Phone Call Payday Loans Online Lenders


    You do not have time or strength for unnecessary talks with a consultant? You just want cash on your account as soon as possible? Take advantage of loans in which no phone call verification by the lender is guaranteed. Check the ranking of the best offers.

    Online payday loans without phone call

    We do not like telephone contact from a loan company for many reasons. Some people are simply ashamed of their indebtedness and simply do not want to talk about it with a stranger (with a loan company consultant), especially if other household members can hear this conversation.

    Many of us also simply do not like phone calls to people from all kinds of institutions, as they can make us feel anxious and stressful. A solution for such situations is proposed by top 3 loan companies, one of which is CheckNgo, that guarantee that no telephone verification of the customer will take place.

    What is phone call verification?

    Phone call verification of the client consists in the fact that the consultant of the loan company calls him and asks questions that are to help him assess whether he is dealing with the real owner of the document to which the liability is to be made.

    Fraud in our country is very common and some lenders secure themselves against granting a loan to a fraudster by phone to the person who submits the application. The questions asked by the consultant usually concern data from the ID card or the customer’s identity data. It is important to have a current ID card, because the expiry date will be one of the first things the lender checks.

    If we are honest customers, we should absolutely not be afraid of contact from a non-banking institution. If, on the other hand, we have something to hide or we try to impersonate someone on behalf of whom we want to take a loan (e.g. a parent whose ID and bank account login details we know well), it will most likely be detected during a telephone conversation, and we will automatically receive a negative loan decision.

    Is a payday loan with no phone call possible?

    The answer is straightforward – yes, it is possible. The second lender that grants no phone call payday loans is Maggie Loans. No loan company will hide how it verifies the customer.

    Lenders grant loans without telephone verification because they also care about the borrower’s comfort. Loan institutions know very well that such a conversation is a problem for many people and therefore they simplify the loan granting process as much as possible. However, while a loan without telephone verification is possible, we are unlikely to be able to avoid verification of the ID card.

    You will need to verify your bank account

    A permanent element of the loan process is bank account verification, which will allow the lender to confirm our identity. A loan without verification only means no telephone verification, and the bank account is fully verified online.

    Such verification is to show the lender that the bank account indicated in the loan application really belongs to us. To do this, make a verification transfer. It is enough for us to transfer a symbolic amount ($0.01 or ) and the lender will find out whether the personal data assigned to our bank account is consistent with the data from the ID card and with the ones we entered in the application. ( If we use the data of another person or another person’s bank account – the loan will not be granted to us.

    It is worth knowing that a verification transfer is a completely secure option to confirm your identity. Also, like a loan without phone call verification, it guarantees us high anonymity. A verification transfer made from your bank account is a quick method for fully remote confirmation of the compliance of personal data.

    Loan companies that do not call the employer

    In addition to the fact that we do not want to talk to the consultant of the loan company, we also do not want the lender to contact our employer. That is why a loan without phone call with the employer is so popular. Not all of us want the employer to know that his employee has financial problems and must go into debt – especially if we work in a small company.

    In traditional loans, where the application requires a telephone number of the employer, a situation may arise in which the loan company actually calls him and performs a simple telephone verification. The purpose of such an interview is to determine whether we really work in the place we indicated in the loan application and whether the amount of our income is as declared. If we want to avoid this, we should pay attention to loan companies that do not call the employer such as Katie Cash Online.

    Who has the chance to get a no phone call payday loan online?

    Loans with no phone call verification are available to people who:

    – are at least 18 years old,

    – are natural persons,

    – have full legal capacity,

    – have a private phone number,

    – have their own e-mail address,

    • have a bank account.

    Of course, this is not a catalog of universal features – individual companies may impose additional requirements on potential borrowers, especially regarding age. Some financial institutions require the potential client to be at least 20 or 21 years old.

    A payday loan no phone call and without credit check

    As a rule, receiving a loan also depends on the customer’s credit history. All our financial liabilities are collected in debtor databases – both those paid and unpaid, both those paid on time and those with which we are late.

    If we especially care that our name is not checked in debtor databases, we can take advantage of popular payday loans with no credit check. Then we get a guarantee that no one will check our credit history or that this check will not have the consequences of refusing a loan.

    How much does a payday loan no phone call cost?

    The cost of an online payday loan without phone call verification is best shown by the annual percentage rate (APR). Loan companies are required to provide this parameter for each offer. In the case of an online loan, we should see the APR before submitting the application.

    Through the APR, loan companies show us whether a given loan will be profitable for us. The higher the annual percentage rate is, the worse it is for us and our budget. It means that we will give back much more than we have borrowed.

    If, on the other hand, the annual percentage rate is low, we will not pay too much to the amount refunded. Free loan offers are the most advantageous. There are many companies where the first payday loan is granted at an interest rate of 0%. If we manage to find such an offer, we will only have to return the amount we borrowed. Without any overpayment. However, it must be borne in mind that only the first loan in a given non-bank institution is free. The next loan will cost us more.

    Fast payday loans no phone call

    Online loans without phone call verification are characterized by a high degree of trust on the part of the loan originator towards the applicant. There are companies on the U.S.  financial market that are satisfied with the data entered in the loan form and are no longer looking for additional contact with the client.

    The loan is then granted on the basis of the fact that the person applying for it meets all the conditions for potential customers and is able to confirm their identity by means of a verification transfer.

    Online loan applications without phone call are most often considered not by company employees, but by computers. Therefore, so many companies guarantee the payment of funds within even 15 minutes of submitting the application and issuing the loan decision. As a rule, the inspection process takes place without the physical participation of the employee. If we meet the conditions, automatic consent is simply issued and the money is transferred to our bank account.

    Speeding up the entire process is also possible by bypassing the verification of a potential client in debtors’ databases.

    Pros of payday loans without phone call

    Good points most often indicated by customers:

    • quick loan decision,
    • withdrawal of money even in 15 minutes,
    • the opportunity to get from $100 to $1,000,
    • no unnecessary questions from the consultant,
    • the ability to test many combinations of the repayment time and the borrowed amount in online calculators in order to choose the most attractive offer,
    • few formalities,
    • the possibility of taking a loan for any purpose (without the requirements for its application),
    • anonymity towards natural persons (only our lender’s computer system knows about our debt).


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