Top 5 Free Movie Streaming Apps in 2022 for Movie Addicts

Movie streaming apps

In the time when the internet has gone mainstream, there is not a single person who can miss entertainment. Unlike in the past, when we used to rent or buy cassettes and videotapes to fulfill our movie craving, now everything is available right under our thumb. Just pull your smartphone out and watch anything without paying a dime with Movie Streaming Apps.

The majority of gizmos and gadgets we used to see have vanished from the face of the earth. If you ask a teenager born after 2005, he/she might not be able to operate or tell you about VCR or any other devices millennials used.

The time has changed a lot and people are overloaded with a dose of entertainment. The best thing is that you can access all the movies and TVshows without putting in much effort. The only thing you need to have is high-speed internet, which is offered by many ISPs. But the best one to keep you hooked to movies and TVshows without facing buffering issues is Spectrum. The speed is optimal to keep you away from annoying buffering icons. Moreover, you can contact customer support anytime without worrying about whether you understand English or not. Because Spectrum also offers its support in Spanish. For more info and queries, visit spectrum españolpagos.

Now that you are equipped with high-speed internet, it is time to reveal some of the best streaming apps in 2022 for binge-watchers and movie lovers. Here is a list of it. Make sure to keep reading until the end.


Sometimes your weekends are not less than boring. You call your friends to meetup, but they are all busy with their family and personal matters. But you don’t have to be dependent on anyone to have fun because all the fun is offered by the internet in this modern age.

If you are feeling bored, install FilmRise on your smartphone and get a wide collection of TVseries and movies. But when we say you can watch anything for free, there might be some catch. Yes, you will be served with advertisements, which is not a big deal when you don’t have to pay a dime. You can browse through plenty of movies and TVshows from the latest release to recently added ones. But if you are looking for movies like Marvel Superheroes or any blockbuster movie like Fast and Furious, you might need to go for another platform because FilmRise only brings classic movies.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another great app for those who are feeling bored at home and not getting the chance to catch up with friends over the weekend. After you install the app, make sure to put a pack of popcorn in the microwave and heat it. The best free movie app comes with loads of features and a user-friendly interface. Once you install the app, you will find free channels along with a tab for movies and TVshows.

The streaming app not only allows you to watch TVshows and movies but also brings plenty of live channels. And if you are a sports geek, you will be happy to know that Pluto TV brings all the fun and excitement in one place.


SnagFilms is one of the popular apps that aren’t widely popular, but documentary and indie movie lovers might know it. The app offers a pretty decent collection of independent movies without compromising on quality. The app also features a movie player, which is simple to use just like any other media player.

SnagFilms is available for free, which comes with a little pain of ads served at the beginning of the shows. But don’t expect too manyadvertisements in the middle of the show. SnagFilms is suitable for classic and indie genre lovers.

Sony Crackle

Sony Pictures has been quite popular among movie addicts. Sony Crackle is one of the popular streaming apps among cord-cutters and movie lovers. It is free and doesn’t expect less than high-quality films and TVshows. You can find a huge collection of new and old movies without searching for much.

The app features a movie player that is user-friendly and simple to use. As you may have read in the previous sections that free movies and tv-shows come with some advertisements, which does not hurt at all if you are low on budget. Sony Crackle works on all major devices and platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation, Amazon Kindle Fire, Roku, and Android.


If you don’t have enough budget to pay a monthly fee for a streaming service, Popcornflix will bring some great stuff to keep you entertained without a dime. The app offers a load of movies that are categorized according to their arrival date. Make sure to try Popcornflix in 2022, if you are looking for entertainment at no cost.

Summing Up

When it comes to entertainment, you have endless options. And for movie binge-watchers, the present time is a blessing. If you are one of those, make sure to try all of them and keep your boredom away. (Valium)


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