Top 6 Benefits of React Native Push Notifications in Business Growth

React Native Push Notifications in Business

Are you aware that approximately 43 percent of iOS users and 91 percent of Android users opt-in to receive push notifications? Businesses can retain customers and increase conversions by sending push notifications through mobile applications. Therefore, nowadays, most mobile applications are using  React Native push notifications. 

Basically, React Native notifications are real-time notifications that a user receives from their downloaded mobile applications. In most cases, they slide into the top of the screen of the device and appear there. Application Developers are able to send push notifications to their app users whenever they want. Although companies and marketers can engage with their current and potential consumers effectively by using push notifications.

Not only this, react native push notifications offer tremendous benefits for your business. Are you interested to know all of those? Then let us dive in! 

Top 6 Benefits of React Native Push Notifications in Business Growth

The benefits of integrating push notifications into your marketing strategy are numerous. Let us learn about them in a detailed manner.

  • Increased retention of users 

It is estimated that one out of every four downloaded mobile apps is only used once before being abandoned. It is often not the quality and performance of the app itself that is responsible for low user retention rates but rather the fact that the user forgot about it or was not engaged enough. React Native Push Notifications come to the rescue in this situation. They are not only easy to design but can be implemented in apps quite conveniently!

Customer engagement and user retention can be greatly improved by sending push messages that remind the user about the downloaded app and prompt them to use it again. The content, frequency, and call-to-action of such reminders may vary depending on the app. For example, a fitness app can remind users to complete their workouts and save their results. As part of a learning app – a prompt to proceed to the next lesson. No matter what the push notification says, its purpose is always the same – to get the user to interact with their app. 

  • An effective communication strategy

Expanding the business or brand requires exposing the right information to the existing customer base and beyond. By gently reminding users about offers and promotions, you can increase traffic to your website or app. With push notifications software tools, users can communicate directly with customers in real-time. It aids the users in getting updated in real time about any offers or updates on your app. 

  • Improved User Experience 

By using smart push notifications, you can improve the user experience of your app. You can use push messages to announce a special offer or a discount or to remind people about upcoming lessons or practice sessions, depending on the type of business or industry you work in. However, it is important to create useful content that users will enjoy. Consequently, they will associate your brand and notifications with positive experiences. 

  • Keeping brand awareness high 

It is possible to design a push notification that includes the business’s brand name and logo in the message. As a result of this, if a user receives such a notification, he or she will immediately recognize the brand and understand how it relates to their experience with your product or service. Of course, it is important not only to convey the message but to convey the right message. Users are more likely to engage with your brand when they receive friendly, useful messages on their mobile devices and when these messages carry added value, such as promotions and reminders. 

  • Personalized and targeted marketing

Using the information users provide when they register or interact with your app. You can better target your notifications and create stellar experiences. For instance, you can send user birthday messages or special offers on their special days. This will not only positively impact the user’s mind but, at the same time, help your business grow as a brand that treats the customers first. 

You can also use their geolocation data to suggest nearby stores or events. A user’s purchase history is also a rich source of notification prompts. You can send a reminder to renew a subscription, order new contact lenses, or buy the same item as before. By sending personalized push notifications, you not only engage your customers more but also demonstrate your care for them. 

  • Increase in conversion rate

There is a possibility that a push notification can lead to a new sale. It may be worth your while to remind your customers about recurrent purchases or abandoned carts or to inform them about a special offer. It is possible to increase the likelihood of sales by creating a sense of urgency (e.g. “this offer ends in 12 hours”). Mobile push notifications must be carefully crafted, with attention paid to identifying your target audiences and personalizing them. The chances of conversion are higher when users receive messages that seem to be tailored to their needs.


Push notifications have the great potential to give your business ultimate success. But all you need to do is use them carefully. Otherwise, it can be annoying for your customers and may give undesirable results. On the other hand, if you are ready to try out React Native Push Notifications for your business, then WonderPush is the best-in-class push notification service provider. They can help you build notifications that are exclusively planned for your brand. 



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