Top 6 Crypto Passive Income Generators For 2022 And Beyond


If you want to increase your wealth, having a passive income is a must. Passive income means that you gather yield on an investment that you are not directly involved in. Instead, your activity is merely placing your savings on the stock markets or in digital assets and seeing as your profits come rolling in. Sometimes you may see flat, sometimes fluctuating earnings. 

One terrific way to create earnings passively is by investing in crypto assets. For one, buying and holding crypto is what is known on the markets as “HODLing.” With “HODLing”, you are essentially obtaining digital assets and should expect their price to rise at some further point. You keep your crypto assets in a digital wallet—an application that makes sure to keep the private key that gives admittance to your cryptocurrencies secure. 

Nevertheless, HODLing is not believed to be a genuinely passive income generator since it has a high chance of losing money instead of making gains. Here are six remarkable ways in which you can generate passive income via crypto for 2022 and beyond. Visit Here

Interest-Bearing Digital Asset Accounts

For holders of digital assets that want to keep their crypto for a specified time, there are interest-bearing accounts that collect the deposits into a pool of crypto assets or in a digital currency list, and pay the interest to the depositors on specified terms and predetermined time buckets (weekly, monthly, or yearly). 

The earnings represent liquidity risk associated with the transaction as well as the credit risk of one transferring own crypto from a private wallet to a different user. 

Cloud Mining

Crypto mining is a process behind Bitcoin and all other digital assets based on blockchain that engages huge computer and electrical power capacity to solve the so-called hash function, the compound mathematical algorithm, which serves as a validation method. 

By all means, validators using mining mechanisms need to heavily invest in the computer rigs and pay extremely high electricity bills. To overcome these issues, participants usually use a substitute called cloud mining. This third-party service allows you to use part of a cloud for crypto mining on a rent basis or lease. 

However, it is advisable to deep dive into the credit analysis before entering into an agreement in order to avoid associated scams and failure of third parties.    

Crypto Lending

One of the widespread crypto passive income generators is lending to both decentralized and centralized crypto sectors to earn higher interest. If you’re interested to become a crypto lender, you can choose among the following:

  • Peer-to-peer lending. These are the platforms that match lenders with borrowers on agreed terms (interest rate, time period, etc) and require the lenders to initially deposit their crypto assets to a platform’s custodial wallet. 
  • Centralized lending. These options expose lenders to intermediaries that provide a lending framework. The lending terms are pre-arranged (interest rate and time period) and similarly to P2P platforms, digital assets need to be transferred to a third party.
  • Decentralized or DeFi lending. DeFi lending provides for participants to directly transfer the crypto using no intermediaries. Rather than using the third-party custodial wallets, lenders and borrowers are engaged with so-called smart contracts, coded to automatically set interest rates and other terms.
  • Margin lending. Crypto exchanges, brokers, and other intermediaries frequently use margin trading where traders are allowed to use leverage i.e. borrow funds to increase their positions. You only have to make your crypto available to these intermediaries which offer the possibilities in their trading platforms at predetermined terms.

Yield Farming

There are specially designed smart contracts that combine the liquidity provider and trading platforms into a Yield farming opportunity. That requires depositing two or more digital assets in a determined ratio to a certain exchange that creates the liquidity pool, enabling participants to benefit from both interest and trading fees from the pool.

Dividend-Earning Tokens

A company engaged in processing digital assets may earn fees that can be distributed to the holders of digital tokens, issued by the company. The holders of digital tokens earn a proportional amount of the earned fees to the stake each holder owns, in the form of dividends. 

PoS Staking

Embedded to the blockchain architecture is a proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism that ensures distributed network participants reach a consensus on new data entered in the blockchain. It is a fundamental modus operandi that provides for the validation process without the need for intermediaries or central authorities. These validators are indiscriminately chosen by blockchain and rewarded for their work. 

Different blockchains use different approaches in selecting validators. Some require committing financial means to the network. Then blockchain selects the one verifying the transaction among the pool of participants that staked their contribution. Validators receive the interest on the deposited funds for their engagement. This validation method is called proof-of-stake. For some, validating the new entry on the blockchain may be technically demanding. In such a case, one could assign their sake to other participants that fulfill technical requirements. This way the new validator takes a higher portion of the remuneration than the one who assigns its stake. The original holder generates passive income. 

Final Words

Whether you use interest-bearing digital asset accounts, cloud mining, lending, yield farming, dividend-earning tokens, PoS Staking, or any other form to earn passive interest, it is critical to do due diligence or use third-party services that can measure risk exposure for your investment. In addition, as crypto trends change on a regular basis, ensure that you are always up-to-date.

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