TOP 7 games, tests and exercises that test the designer’s skills

the designer's skills

Are you struggling to find a reason to stop designing? These addictive design games will be a great choice for you. No matter how brief your coffee break is, each one is perfect to play. If anyone asks, they can tell you that these games help sharpen your the designer’s skills. Seriously.

This post contains ten addictive games. These games will test your knowledge about design, including fonts and kerning and colors and hues. If you are a design student, you will receive indispensable nursing homework help by playing games. You can race against the clock, compare your scores with other designers, and, most importantly, have fun.

  1. Color Method- the designer’s skills

Colour Method will help you master the color wheel. This interactive color wheel allows you to test your ability to match colors in six areas: hue, saturation, complement, analogous and triadic.

Each section has a different color scheme and you have to match them with your mouse. You only have about 15-20 seconds to match the colors. Although it gets more difficult with each color added, it’s addictive!

2. The Bezier game

Have you ever struggled with drawing things in your designs using the pen tool? Bezier provides a tutorial on how to use the pen to draw multiple shapes. To quickly master the pen tools, simply copy the steps. If you are still having trouble understanding the steps, just copy them.

3. Brandseen

Brandseen allows you to combine your knowledge about some of the most iconic brands in the world with your ability to identify colors. 9 iconic logos will be displayed to you. You’ll need your design-jedi skills to match the correct color to the logo design.

4. Pixactly

Do you know your pixels well? Pixactly will test your ability to recognize pixels and challenge you to create boxes that match specific pixel dimensions. You will be scored on the size of your boxes. There are five rounds in total. They’ll give you your score and let you know if you did a better job determining the pixel width vs. height. You will soon become a master of pixels if you keep practicing.

5. Type of connection

Are you looking to improve your typography skills Type Connection is a game that challenges you to pair fonts together using four methods: relying on font family and seeking the same, accepting the other, and exploring history. You can improve your font pairing skills and discover which typefaces pair well with each other. What fonts go well with serifs? You’ll even learn some typographic terminology, and even some history along the way!

6. Odd one out- the designer’s skills

This is a fun color recognition game that has a twist. The game is more difficult each time you try to find the odd one. This is a great way for you to learn how to distinguish between shades. It can also be useful in designing websites.

7. Hex Invaders

Ever wish that you could simply read a color’s hex code to identify it? Hex invaders simulates an interface for a videogame where you are challenged to do exactly that. Match the hex code that you are given with the correlating color to destroy the invaders. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a breakdown of how hex codes relate to certain colors before you start.

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