Top 8 Exclusive Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Just like other freelance professions, freelance writing is also an incredibly rewarding job that allows you to set your own hours, work from anywhere in the world, and take control of your career. Not only is it incredibly flexible, but it can also provide a great source of income. 

All in all, it’s a great career to choose whether you are an experienced writer or a complete novice. On that note, we are going to discuss the top 8 exclusive benefits you can enjoy as a freelance writer. 

1. Great Way to Earn Flexible Money

By working as a freelance writer, you can scale your earnings up or down based on your needs. Even if you are working a full-time job and have a knack for writing, you can learn how to start freelance writing and start working for clients from the comfort of your home. 

Freelance writers are in high demand and have the ability to choose their own schedule, meaning you can work when it’s most convenient for you. This makes it ideal for those who have other commitments, such as parenting or running a business. It’s a profession you can use as a source of primary as well as supplementary income. 

With the right approach, you can make a great living as a freelance writer while still having time to do other things. 

2. You Can Work on a Wide Range of Projects

The flexibility in freelance writing is not just about money but also in terms of genre and categories. As a freelance writer, you’ll be able to choose the type of writing you want to do. There are various types of freelance writing jobs, including technical writing, business writing, journalism, marketing content writing, and creative writing. 

As your own boss, you will be free to choose a diversity of projects and goals to help you avoid the same monotonous routine of writing on the same genres and topics. This way, the writing will never be stale for you, and you will enjoy working even during some extra hours.  

3. Great Way to Build a Writing Portfolio

If you are starting out as a novice writer and want to build your portfolio, there’s no better way than starting the journey as a freelance writer. It will teach you a lot of things you might not be able to learn in writing classes and internships. 

During freelance writing, you get the opportunity to work with dozens of clients on a diverse range of projects. This enables you to polish your skills and build a strong portfolio that will attract potential clients and employers. 

Plus, you will be able to learn how to manage different projects at the same time and work with multiple niches. You can then use this diverse portfolio to get a full-time job as a writer or can even publish your own book. 

4. You Can Help People with Your Content

Well, this is something most writers don’t even think about while writing blogs and other similar pieces of content. Writing as a freelancer, you don’t only get content with earning money on your own terms but also by helping others by making their life easier. 

As mentioned above, freelancers have the opportunity to write on multiple niches, including lifestyle, health, home repairs, and financial matters. By doing this, they are actually helping a lot of people to make their lives better. 

5. You Can Save Money on Travel Expenses

There are a lot of expenses full-time employees have to bear. This includes commuting, daily meals, office-appropriate clothing, and also emotional costs associated with office politics. By working as a freelancer, you can cut out on all these costs and enjoy your income as a whole. 

All you need to have is a laptop and a good internet connection, and you’ll be good to go. Moreover, most freelance platforms pay on an hourly basis, unlike a full-time job, where you will be paid monthly. In short, working as a freelance writer enables you to save money on things that will otherwise be a huge burden on your pocket. 

6. You Get to Choose Your Own Clients

When you’re a freelance writer, you get to be in control of who you take on as clients. You can choose clients who fit with your goals and values, as well as whose work you believe in and want to support. This ultimately gives you the power to decide which assignments to accept and which ones to reject. 

Moreover, you have the freedom to negotiate your rates, deadlines, and other contractual details directly with the client. This way, you can build long-term relationships with them and keep them coming back for more. This ensures a steady income stream and provides you with more job security. 

You also don’t need to rely on someone else to mediate the conversation and take a healthy chunk of profit as in a full-time job. 

7. You Can Manage Your Work/Life Balance

Let’s accept the fact that writing is a tedious job, and you may lose count of the hours you’ve been working in the office, and still, there’s some work left to do. Ultimately, you’ll have to spend some extra hours in the office to get the job done. 

This will badly affect your health and will disturb your work-life balance. Freelance writing, on the other hand, helps you maintain that work-life balance by keeping control of your workflow. If you feel like you’ve been overworking for some time, you can easily cut your work short by saying ‘no’ to some of the work. This freedom to say ‘no’ is not available while working in an office. 

8. You Have Job Security

Most people will deny that claim, but we are going to prove it for you. If you are thinking that having a permanent writing job is better than writing for multiple clients, you might be wrong. When your job ends, or you lose your job for some reason, you will lose 100% of your income. 

On the other hand, when you lose a freelance client, it will only affect 10 to 20% of your total income, which you can easily get back after signing up for a new client. Moreover, the offices don’t pay writers what they actually deserve. The local market rate is way below what you can earn on freelance platforms. By becoming a freelance writer, you can charge what you are actually worth.


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