Transformation of production monitoring in a Industry 4.0


Do you want to further enhance the functioning of your production process and be sure that your company will continue to be competitive? Thanks to the latest transformation of production monitoring, it is now possible no matter what industry you are in.

Boost your production with new solutions

Let’s start from the beginning and answer what is production monitoring in the first place. It’s a method that supports an overall optimization of the production process and can offer your company plenty of benefits. Luckily, in the 21st century, we can implement new technologies and solutions that can improve everyday work in your business and promote quicker problem-solving. What’s important is that the production monitoring system works in real time, and it constantly collects and processes data during different manufacturing stages, so you gain extensive knowledge relating to the inner workings of your production. 

Production monitoring can be measured by various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which should be matched to the individual needs of your company. Among the most popular parameters, we can highlight OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), performance, availability, quality, TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance), count, and takt time. It’s worth mentioning that production monitoring influences better energy monitoring as well. You will be able to supervise not only the energy consumption but its current demand and see when the thresholds are being exceeded. That way, you will learn how to keep your expenses and downtime to a minimum.

Why is production monitoring important?

Production monitoring gives you all the necessary parameters, which are needed to measure the efficiency of the work in your factory. It’s no surprise that having those data in real time can be vital. After all, the statistics can be used to evaluate your main KPIs and see how they change over time. You will learn about the efficiency of your production chain and each of its components, such as machinery and employees. It’s also a straightforward way to gain insight into any occurring issues and react to them swiftly before they have a chance to turn into something bigger. 

Main benefits of production monitoring 

The benefits of production monitoring can be substantial. Among the main advantages is the simplicity of implementing this solution. The software can be easily and quickly installed in your company, and you will be able to see the quality it provides almost immediately. Intuitive operation means employees won’t need to waste time and effort on additional training. You’ll improve the communication in the organization as well because everyone will have access to the gathered data. That will allow the employees to quickly move on to the discussions focused on the improvement of various areas in the company.

While choosing the best performance monitoring tools, it’s critical to reach for innovative software like DataPARC’s data historian that offers you quick and easy access to all the necessary data and allows for a thorough analysis.

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