Trends In Software Development In The Casino Industry For 2022


The casino industry is always changing and looking for ways to implement new technology and new features that will attract new players and keep the ones that are already playing. There are a few trends that shape software development in particular. 

These are mostly there as a result of a change in technology but also as a result of the change in the player’s needs and preferences. Some of the trends are here to stay and others are a passing interest that often occurs in the industry. 

The Move to Mobile

The move to mobile gaming is the most important trend in the casino gaming software field. Most young players are playing mobile casino apps on their mobile devices and they are slowly pushing out computers, consoles, and going to actual land-based casinos. The quality of gaming on these devices has improved significantly in recent years and they are more available than ever before as well.

This has also changed the gameplay at least somewhat since it has adapted to the technology as well. The gameplay has become faster and it requires less screen real estate. 

Using Cryptocurrency 

New payment methods are always added to accommodate the needs of the players and to attract a wider group of possible gamers as well. This is most noticeable in how quickly the casinos are allowing the players to use Bitcoin as a payment method. There are many advantages to doing so. 

These payments are made right away and they can easily be traced in case something goes wrong. At the same time, using cryptocurrencies as a payment method also means that players don’t need to provide any personal data, at all. It’s becoming increasingly important in a world where so much of our online activity is being tracked. 

Slots Based on Skills

A new type of slot machine has emerged in recent years and now they are among the most popular games out there. Slots in general are the most widely played gambling games across the world. New slots are based on skills or at least parts of the gameplay. 

Slots that were in use so far are based on no luck only since they work based on the random numbers generator. This means that a player can’t do anything to improve their chances. With skill-based slots, the chances are more in favor of the player. 

The Focus on Ambiance 

The gameplay and the aesthetic of the game have also changed in recent years. It is now more focused on the ambiance and aesthetic of the game than on its gameplay. That’s partly a cultural shift that came about in order to accommodate the needs of new players. 

This is also supported by the innovation in the gaming industry that has allowed the games to become more beautiful to look at and more cinematic when it comes to both the aesthetic and the game mechanics. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Virtual and augmented reality were a matter of science fiction just a few years ago and now they are present in our lives and affect many industries including the casino industry. It’s the next big step in how we use the internet and chances are that it will become even more prevalent in the years to come. 

This is especially true now when playing casino games online becomes more common than going to an actual casino. Using VR and AR to mimic and replace the experience of going to a real casino is therefore the next big step. 

Watches and Wearable Devices

Watches and wearable devices have been around for a few years now and they play a big role in fitness and productivity but not so much in entertainment and gaming. Chances are that this will change in the next couple of years because more gambling companies are betting on these devices and some of those bets will pay out. 

Using these will allow for quick gameplay as well as playing the game on the move, and that’s the direction the industry as a whole is going in recent years which is why so many game developers are excited about wearable tech.

The Move Towards Skill-Based Games

Most gambling games are based on a mixture of skill and luck. Slots which are one of the most popular gambling games across the world are based on luck alone, however. There’s recently been a move within the gambling community and therefore within the developer community as well to focus on skill-based games. 

The games such as slots are therefore adding parts that can be won based on skill to even out the score a little bit. These games are usually about trivia or memory and the players can get better at them over time. 

Which of these Trends Will Last?

There are always trends when it comes to how casinos operate and the industry is always on the move. However, it’s never easy to figure out which of these trends is going to last and which is just a temporary thing that the industry is hung up on. 

It’s not easy to say which of the trends we’ve mentioned is going to last and which aren’t and therefore those who are interested in the industry for whatever reason should be aware of them and follow how they develop in the years to come. Chances are that some will be important. 


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