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Online bingo in UAE is legal—but there is a trick. The United Arab Emirates outlaws gambling (online and offline)—except for very few exceptions: lottery, raffles, and online lottery are under strict regulations but allowed. Betting on games of skill is also allowed but only in selected race houses. Of course, online bingo UAE also has its restriction. Online gambling is legal for expatriates, tourists, and immigrants. For UAE citizens, of course, you can play online bingo from the tens of apps available—but with a VPN. 

Before we head to the guide, let’s explore the sweet history of bingo. 

Bingo is a loved game, and millions of people play it all around the world; however, the game isn’t new. Bingo was first documented in the 1500s—a long time from today’s world. Bingo in 1500 was called Beano, and the gameplay is ridiculously similar to bingo. 

How to Play Online Bingo in UAE

Online bingo has its rules, some of which are different from the rules of playing bingo in person in a casino. Generally, cards would be divided, the umpire would call different numbers, and you would scratch a number off your card. The person who finishes crossing all cards win. This type of gameplay applies to the in-person bingo game. 

For online games, you need to buy tickets. Ticket prices are dependent on the platform you choose for your bingo game. 

Buy the ticket from one of the online bingo sites in United Arab Emirates in the bingo lobby.  

Once players are ready, numbers will be announced. The online system will mark the ticket off if a number is in your ticket or tickets. For those who play in clubs or casinos, you need to be on your toes—it’s finders keepers. 

As numbers are called and tickets marked off, the winner is the person who has crossed all numbers and completed a line. Once the winner is announced, the game ends, except if there is a second line and the game has compensation prizes for second place. In this case, the system would need 2 lines and a full house. 

Online bingo eases the stress that comes with playing in a club—albeit clubs give the adrenaline kick that comes with shouting when your number is called. If the system calls your number and you do not respond quickly, it will be canceled, and you will have to wait for another lucky number on your ticket. 

For Abu Dhabi residents, online bingo allows them to enjoy the semblance of playing in a club and winning great gamble returns. Other features of bingo online real money UAE include: 

AutoPlay: With the autoplay feature, you don’t need to mark your card. The most sophisticated online bingo applications will automatically mark your number for you if it is called. 

Sorting: The bingo app automatically sorts your cards or tickets and puts the most likely to be called at the top so that you can keep your eyes on your winner card. 

Card Highlighting: The system will help you highlight cards close to winning, giving you a chance to sort your cards quickly. 

The Types of Bingo

There are many versions of online bingo. Each version or type depends on the number of tickets or cards you can play and the amount of numbers the system calls. 

90 ball bingo rules

In this bingo version, you have 15 numbers on each 90-ball ticket, and they are arranged in a 9 by 3 grid pattern. Numbers 1 to 9 are on the first column, and 10 – 19 on the second column, and so on. Numbers 1-90 will be randomly called by the system, and you can win the 90-ball bingo. 

In the 90-ball bingo, you can win one line (that is a horizontal line on your card) or a two-line win where you mark two lines on your card. You can also win a full house (where all your numbers are called). Full house wins come with grand prizes or jackpots. 

Other versions of the online bingo game are the 75-ball bingo rules and the 80-ball bingo rules.  

Is Bingo Illegal in UAE?

Yes, bingo is illegal in the UAE, and people caught playing the game can be sentenced to prison or made to pay a fine. Albeit expatriates, international tourists, and immigrants can play the game. For UAE citizens, you can use a VPN to access online bingo in UAE. 

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