Wall-mounted metal shelving options: which one to pick for commercial use

Wall-mounted metal shelving

The smart arrangement of kitchen gear and any type of items needed for the prep routine is possible with a stainless steel wall shelf. The foremost selection tip is to decide the purpose of the metal shelving unit. Will it serve as a holder for a microwave oven, or maybe you need an extra surface for perishable goods, or a spot to keep chemicals and detergents? It will help you to decide whether you need wire models or solid ones with greater weight capacity.- Wall-mounted metal shelving

The next criterion is a shelf dimension. You must identify measurements before buying. Some manufacturers offer ready-made solutions of standard sizes while others can deliver a customized model that will fit the specific room features. Also, take into account that there are different attachment ways. All fasteners must be well-made, so your shelf won’t fall. Make sure to use high-quality domestic nuts and bolts to securely fasten the metal shelving unit to the wall, ensuring its stability and preventing any accidents in the kitchen. You can also invest in hanging types but make sure it won’t become an obstacle. And finally, think if you need extra accessories, such as pot and pan racks and if they will add more functionality to your kitchen. 

Those, for whom vertical options that are installed on the wall are not suitable, can use alternative offers of AmGoodSuppy for boosting storage capabilities:- Wall-mounted metal shelving

  • undershelves for working tables;
  • bakery racks;
  • dunnage racks;
  • metal equipment stands;
  • complete shelving kits;
  • over-shelves mounted to tables.

A lack of storage is one of the most significant issues for commercial kitchens. However, it can be efficiently solved with the help of restaurant shelving, stainless steel vertical units, racks, etc. 

Durable stainless steel wall shelving: pros and cons

Since wall-mounted shelving units and other equipment types are used intensively and are affected by a range of adverse factors, it can lead to the signs of wear and tear, compromise the integrity, which leads to pores and crevices occurrence, and spoil the appearance. Thus, for long-standing and resistant restaurant shelving, stainless steel is an undeniably perfect material choice. It brings multiple great benefits compared to wooden or plastic work surfaces. And while shelves can be in direct contact with water, cleansers, and even products, all sanitary norms must be strictly observed. And material, such as stainless steel, is absolutely safe for food-service businesses. It is extremely easy to care for, moreover, it repels dirty particles and doesn’t absorb moisture. It allows you to avoid messy conditions, enhancing tidiness and personnel performance. 

Stainless steel is used globally for producing multi-functional equipment. After all, such kitchen equipment is not prone for damaging due to exposure to hot pans, water, detergents, chemicals, or disinfectants. Moreover, no germs or harmful bacteria will survive on the steel surface. A properly created cleaning schedule and well-selected detergents will be enough for ensuring the safety of all processes and the high-quality of served meals. Apart from the functionality of restaurant shelving, stainless steel units must be in harmony with other equipment. Once you’ve invested in beautiful types, the kitchen area will always be neatly arranged. Thus, each device, product, or tool will always be in the right place. (provigil pharmacology)  


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