What are OKRs & Some Important Facts about OKRs that everyone must know?


OKRs stand for Objectives and Key Results, and they exist to help organizations stay focused on their goals. OKRs are measurable objectives that give teams clear directions and targets, making sure nothing is overlooked or left behind in the pursuit of success. It’s a tool designed to motivate, keep up the momentum and measure progress towards objectives. 

OKRs can be used at any level of an organization. OKRs help teams focus on specific goals and accomplishments with greater clarity, setting realistic targets that everyone can strive towards. OKRs also provide team members with the opportunity to collaborate and communicate more openly with each other, helping them remain motivated and productive while working in harmony together. OKRs bridge the gap between individual pieces of the puzzle, showing how they fit into the overall strategic plan, leading to a genuinely united team effort that is essential for any kind of organizational success.

Here are some Important Facts about OKRs that everyone must know-

  • OKRs should be public – 

Some people believe that OKRs should remain private between individual employees and their managers. But in reality, if OKRs are truly going to be effective for a company, they should be public. Making OKRs accessible to an organization as a whole helps retain focus on objectives as well as increases transparency for everyone involved. After all, isn’t it more fun when you’re winning together?

  • OKRs must be reviewed regularly – 

OKRs should be reviewed regularly to ensure everyone is still heading in the right direction. The best OKR examples are those that are regularly reevaluated & tweaked when needed. Otherwise, they become stale and ineffective. So when it comes to OKRs, circle back often and make any necessary adjustments. It might seem like extra work initially but by staying on top of OKRs you’re making sure you meet your original plans!

  • OKRs shouldn’t be tied to compensation –

One important thing to keep in mind when implementing OKRs is that they should not be tied to compensation. Rather than providing incentives that focus on the individual, OKRs provide an opportunity to focus on outcomes and collective progress, making OKRs a great way to foster collaboration and work together towards shared objectives! 

  • OKRs are not easy as they seem – 

OKRs are a technique used by today’s leading companies to bring focus and drive progress, but implementing them well is not as straightforward as it seems. OKRs require careful thought and precision to design, establish ownership and identify clear criteria for success. Companies like Google & Intel prove that OKRs are anything but easy, but these legendary companies still struggled to find the perfect approach to OKRs when they were first introduced decades ago. OKR implementation isn’t easy but doesn’t worry! By taking a considered approach you can master OKRs and see serious advancements in your organization’s objectives.

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