What are some great budget phone options of 2022?


    Modern smartphones are a necessity for our day-to-day operations. They allow us to safely get from place to place, contact people, relax playing games or Grande Vegas casino bonuses, or even read books.

    Technology has made smartphones available in most parts of the world and improved their functionality. Unlike in the past, now smartphones are affordable. You no longer have to shock your account with a staggering sum of money for a smartphone upgrade.

    Different manufacturers produce cheaper smartphones that allow customers to shift from the common high-priced brands to affordable brands. In this article, we review which smartphones are good for your budget while maintaining the integrity of the mobile device.

    1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11

    Xiaomi is known for its pocket-friendly handsets in the United Kingdom, and its newest launch Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, is no different. This phone’s functionality is an excellent deal for its cost.

    Interestingly, the new model has upgraded features yet costs less. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is endowed with a fast snapdragon 680 processor. Other phones with similar processor costs twice as much.

    An additional feature of this phone includes a triple camera with a 50MP sensor and a large screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. These high-level specs are often available in high-end phones, and it is a good treat to see them in Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 at a reasonable price.

    This phone is indeed the hallmark of a budget smartphone, setting the pace for other affordable brands to come.

    1. Google Pixel 5a

    If you have been a big fan of the Pixel a-series since the first launch in 2019 with Pixel 3a, you will love Pixel 5a features. The price is also welcoming, costing reasonably low compared to other Pixel 5 phones.

    For instance, other phones with the same cameras and chipset as the Pixel 5 cost up to $700, but the Google Pixel 5a costs approximately $450.

    Despite being cheaper, Pixel 5a edges the competition with its IP water-resistance ratings. Its 4,680 mAh battery means you have power longer than most phones with the same specs.

    Nevertheless, you will only receive three years of security updates from Google for the phone. The phone lacks wireless charging and a high refresh rate. You can overcome these challenges by upgrading to Pixel 6 at $600 for a 5-year update timeline, improved quality of life, and a better camera.

    Otherwise, this phone is affordable and excellent for those who want to experience Google’s colorful flavor but with a limited budget.

    1. Samsung Galaxy A53

    It is one of the cheapest 5 G-enabled smartphones. It is fitted with an Exynos processor, which is different from the previous versions of Snapdragon 750G. This phone’s other outstanding features include a spectacular primary camera with 64-megapixel and an additional 12-megapixel ultrawide camera.

    Although it resembles its predecessor A52 5G model, it costs $50 less. It is slated to receive 5-year security updates and four years of OS updates, which means it will stay secure and updated up to 2027.

    These are excellent deals for a mid-range Android phone. Samsung’s security commitment for this phone is relatively better than similarly priced Google’s Pixel 5a.

    1. OnePlus N20 5G

    Although some Android die-hards have been disappointed with OnePlus recently, the company still produces budget-friendly phones.

    For instance, the N20 5G, which costs $282, has beautiful features that enhance its performance. You can benefit from its six gigs of RAM and Snapdragon 695 chipset.

    OnePlus N20 5G also has an amazing battery life, giving 10 hours of screen time between charges. The battery is up to 33 watts to last you long enough before you can recharge.

    The phone has an IP52 rating, meaning it can survive some rain. Its unique design is way above a budget device.

    Nevertheless, N20 5G is plagued with cheap phone problems, including plastic bodies, mediocre cameras, and poor build quality. But its price is reasonable since you have 3-year bi-monthly security updates. Getting phones with these features for the same price range is challenging.

    1. Moto G power

    Moto G Power is famous for its long-lasting battery, giving you 14 hours of screen time. It ranks among the best phones with ideal battery life, which is extraordinary if you consider that the phone’s cost is below $250. The prices are even lower if you settle for lower storage and RAM.

    The Moto G Power also has a 6.6-inch large screen with full HD resolution. Additionally, the phone is endowed with triple-lens cameras, including its primary camera at 48MP, a 2MP depth sensor, and a 2MP macro lens.

    However, Moto G Power is a heavy phone due to its beefy 5,000 mAh battery. And the screen is also not as bright as you would expect.

    1. TCL 10 5G UW

    Most 5 G-enabled phones are not cheap due to their capabilities, but the TCL 10 5G UW is different. While it can connect to the super-fast 5G network (Verizon’s), it costs less than $400.

    Although its 6.53-inch display screen is dim, it produces attractive colors. Plus, the screen is big enough to give adequate screen real estate.

    The TCL 10 5G UW comes with Snapdragon 765G processor that is only found in more expensive gadgets. This means you can get better performance with less. Moreover, the 5G connectivity does not impact the phone’s battery life.

    1. iPhone SE 2022

    The iPhone SE 2022 is one of the best cheap iPhone versions with Apple’s exciting A15 Bionic chip. This processor blows away those in Android phones, giving you a stellar experience when editing videos or playing games.

    The A15 Bionic chip endows iPhone SE 2022 with several photography powers that were lacking in the previous models, such as Magic Fusion and Smart HDR 4. You can explore various photographic styles with iPhone SE 2022.

    Sometimes, this phone takes more awesome pictures than the Google Pixel 5a. However, if you use it in a low-lit area, it does not have the Night mode. Its camera is also not the best in the market.

    The iPhone SE features a similar design to previous versions: a 4,7-inch screen display and big bezels. It has a solid battery life and a beautiful design worth flaunting around your friends.

    Closing Words

    Choosing a budget-friendly phone with unique features to satisfy your needs requires research. Your choice also depends on how deep you are willing to go into your pocket. Serious phones are not cheap, but with due diligence, you can get a premium phone that meets your need at a reasonable price.

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