What Are The Benefits Of The Fit For Duty Exam?

    Fit For Duty Exam

    When workers perform physical labor, they are more likely to be injured. A workplace accident can result in the loss of a valuable employee. The employer will also be responsible for handling workers’ compensation claims. If an employee is injured at work, the law allows for a few weeks’ salaries as well as lifetime medical treatment.- Fit For Duty Exam

    By conducting fitness for duty exams, you can keep your employees safe at work and cut costs. This is a great incentive to help injured workers return to work quickly and without any safety risks, even though it’s not used by many companies.

    There Are Many Types Of Exams For The Fit-For-Duty Exam.

    • Exam to assess job performance

    During a job assessment, an employee determines whether they are capable of performing their essential duties. visit here

    • Back to Work Exam

    The purpose of the Back to Work Exam is to determine if injured employees are able to return to work.

    • Pre-placement physical examinations

    These examinations include a physical ability examination, a drug screening, and musculoskeletal evaluations.

    Find out When the Fit for Duty Exam Is Held


    If one of its employees is injured, the company can conduct this test:

    • It is not acceptable to put other people, as well as their own safety, at risk. Tests to determine fitness for duty may be performed following the American Disabilities Act.
    • Based on the need. An employee who complains they cannot perform their essential work tasks.
    • A disabled worker is a worker who can’t resume work because of a disability.
    • A company policy stipulates that employees must be checked on a regular basis to assess their fitness levels.
    • Employees can test at events sponsored by their employers.


    The Benefits of Fit for Duty Exams

    Assisting workers with injuries as soon as possible

    Workers who have been injured may undergo examinations in order to minimize the risk of further injury. These tests are designed to ensure workers are fit and healthy enough to return to their normal/customary, modified/alternative position as soon as possible. Employees who are fit and healthy are less likely to suffer another injury. Doctor’s guidance ensures that there are no temporary restrictions and that injured workers can return to work quickly, with their own steam.

    Make sure workers are safe at work

    Every year, thousands of workers get hurt on the job. Workers can file a workers’ comp claim against the company in these cases to get financial assistance. To ensure this does not happen, your industrial clinic may conduct fit-for-duty testing to make sure that workers can perform arduous tasks.

    If you are unsure if someone can perform a task successfully, ask them to undergo a medical exam. To ensure that other workers are fit and healthy, you can have one or more workers assigned.

    The most important benefit of taking Fitness for Duty tests is their ability to help you understand

    Stories from injured workers may reveal valuable information about the severity and nature of their injuries. You may be able to determine if the worker is attempting to void his return to full duty, temporary modified/alternate duty, or any other reason. You will also be able to understand the severity and cause of the injury as well as the treatment required.

    A Fit for Duty exam is one of the best ways to protect your company’s interests. PCP works can help you reduce Workers’ Compensation exposure and save money.



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