What are the best ways to convert cryptocurrency without third-party involvement


What is a third-party 

Bureaucracies, intermediaries, Central Banks, the government, financial entities and institutions, multi-stakeholders, and other interested persons are considered third-party involvement in the crypto market. No conflict or misunderstanding is going on between the two sides; on the opposite, every single cryptocurrency’s blockchain offers great business deals in sectors where intermediaries exist besides guaranteeing their user trust and security. 

Conversion brief definition

Conversion is a procedure that works perfectly for pseudonymous peer-to-peer technology-based and stable in value and rate cryptocurrencies. The procedure excludes financial offices’ engagement, requires no other but transaction fees (not always), and is easy to do for newbies. Cryptocurrency converters function immediately for fiat-to-crypto exchange, for example, KRW, GBP, EUR, JPY to BTC, and crypto-to-crypto change, for instance, ETH to EOS, TRON. The other features available are adding, modifying, removing the e-currencies, and seeing currency values online. The converters also update cryptocurrency prices every 5-10 minutes based on crypto exchange rates. 

To complete the operation, one has to own a wallet account of a cryptocurrency in an app or web version. The set of actions is most likely similar, namely, log in your wallet account in an app or web version → enter cryptocurrency needed to convert under the “Balance” tab → select the “Convert” option to type the amount and the crypto to receive → check the details attentively → click “Convert”. In this way, the order of steps to complete the cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency conversion is simple itself, and it is a common fashion in the digital currency market participants’ life. 

Top 3 platforms for crypto conversion with no parties involvement

The top three platforms to convert cryptocurrency are Godex.io, Coinbase, and Kraken. 

  1. Godex.io

This crypto converter allows an anonymous cryptocurrency conversion service containing 200+ coins and demands no personal data or registrations for converting. Godex developers set security protocols for the conversion instrument and the protection from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks that purposefully disrupt the work of a targeted server, service, or network, which is, in this matter, BTC. In case anything goes wrong, customer support is ready 24/7.

Besides popularity, an investor and other interested individuals are also concerned about interchange, safety, and confidentiality. Godex.io software with a user-friendly interface serves at its best not exclusively for the change but also for a purchase of any type of currency, keeping it for as long as needed, carrying deals, and maintaining anonymity and privacy alongside. 

  1. Coinbase 

It is a licensed service that provides a solid variety of crypto coins, a simply adaptive visual interface, and high-capacity liquidity. Fees range between $0.99 and $2.99 depending on the value of an e-currency. The exchange also introduces investment storage possibilities in secure wallets for investors and traders.

  1. Kraken

Here is the way to convert with no intermediary: create an account and deposit NEO→ pass the know your customer (KYC) requirements to trade with fiat → pick currency pair → move to the “New Order” page, click the “Simple” form → assign the amount of NEO to sell → send identification and proof-of-residence documents to Kraken customer support department → choose a market or limit order execution → press buy/sell button to submit the order.

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