What are the Most Important Things when Buying a New Phone?

Buying a New Phone

In the past, phones were considered a luxury good that only the rich and middle class could afford; those days are gone. Today, smartphones have flooded the market, and everybody seems to be on the run to acquire the latest version. These devices were only used to call and send SMS messages; however, they run our lives today.- Buying a New Phone

Everything from finding your way with a map, paying for the bus, calling a taxi, accessing your Fair Go casino online login from anywhere, playing video games, chatting with friends and so much more!

As the world becomes more digitalized, smartphones have become a necessity. They are a source of information and could help you grow your business. Manufacturers are constantly improving phone features to address the versatile wants and needs of the market. With many brands and unique designs in the market, you can be confused about which phone to choose.

What Type of Phone do You Need?

Before getting excited about any phone, you do well to get your priorities right. Remember that a smartphone is a portable computer designed to help you accomplish various tasks. Some use it to take pictures, connect to the world, as a storage device and play games.

The question to ask yourself is, what do you need a smartphone for? This question will help you know how much to spend on the phone and what type to buy. If you need a multifunctional phone that helps with office and personal work, you will need to part with more money. Phones with better performance and designs are rather expensive but get the job done.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Phone

Now, let’s consider some factors you should consider when deciding on the type of phone to buy. People’s preferences and needs vary greatly; however, these are probably some universal factors considered by many buyers.

Battery Life

This is probably one feature everybody is interested in, especially in the developing world where power fluctuates. Everybody wants a phone with longer battery life to help them perform their duties without worrying about their devices going off. Stable battery life can also help gamers and internet surfers because these activities can drain your battery fast.

If you buy a phone to help with research or to surf the internet, you could look for a phone with a dual battery to last you longer. You could also consider phones with fast charge batteries.

Most android smartphones now come with chargers to help you charge your phone to full capacity within half an hour. Ensure the phone you want to buy has these features if you know you will need constant power to perform your duties.

The Storage/Memory

Your phone’s memory determines the efficiency of its functionality. Though some people run to cheaper phones, these phones often sacrifice memory, thus reducing their storage capacity. If you intend to download movies and music, you will likely need a smartphone with 64 GB of storage.

A phone with limited memory will also limit the number of valuable apps you can install. You could be forced to uninstall some apps to improve memory for new apps or music. This installing and uninstalling can be inconvenient and annoying. Therefore, examine the phone’s internal memory and its SD capacity before you decide.

If its SD capacity is large, you can supplement its memory with an SD card at a cheaper price. However, the chances are that if internal memory and RAM are small, the phone has little SD card support. Know your need for storage and choose appropriately.

The Display

The display is probably the first thing you see when buying a phone. Each day you will stare at your phone’s screen when typing or reading a message, surfing the web, calling, and playing a game. Therefore, ensure the display is bright and sharp enough to allow you to see text messages.

If you relish new updates or the HD graphics of the Android games, you may be interested in smartphones with a minimum display of 5.7 inches. Larger screen displays are suitable for movie lovers because they can see the characters well. If you want a large screen display, ensure the resolution is not below 1920 x 1080p.

Alternatively, you could buy a phone with a 2560 x 1440 Quad HD resolutions display. However, if you only need your smartphone to read Facebook and WhatsApp posts, a relatively small display will suffice.

The android phone display technology is divided into AMOLED and LCD. The difference between these two technologies is their light projection. LCD screens are brighter and can operate well in direct sunlight, while AMOLED screens provide sharper contrast in colors.

Again, your preference and what you want to use the phone for play a major role in determining which phone you buy.

The Processor

Your phone’s overall performance depends on its processor. Manufacturers and tech gurus use various jargon like dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, Media Tek, Snapdragon, etc., to describe smartphone processor levels.

Don’t get lost in these terminologies. You can decern a smartphone’s processing speed as expressed in terms of GigaHertz (GHz) shown in the descriptions.

Your phone’s RAM is often proportionate to its processing speed. If your work involves photo and video editing, you will need a phone with a big RAM and high processing speed. Gamers and those who stream videos will also need high processing speed.

Phones with smaller RAM and low processing speed often hang or malfunction in the middle of an activity. They also heat faster when subjected to involving tasks like streaming and editing. If you intend to use your phone for heavy activities, you do well to buy smartphones with Snapdragon 820/821 to enhance multitasking. Light users can use handsets with Media Tek processors smoothly.

Nevertheless, phones with high processing speed are often on the higher side of the budget. As you make this decision, you want to balance processing speed, needs, and budget.

Operating System- Buying a New Phone

Like computers, phones also have operating systems. You can choose Android OS or iOS for Apple iPhone lovers. Operating systems continue to grow, with several versions coming with different names. Before you head to the shop to buy a smartphone, you should decide if it is Android or iPhone.

If you go with Android, you could examine their latest OS versions Android 9 pie and android 10, then make a choice. Each of these operating systems differs in functions and features, with the latest version being Android 10. However, not all devices can accommodate this Android version.

It is advisable to buy an android version with the latest operating systems for a better user interface. You undoubtedly want a phone with a user-friendly interface for easy and simple usage.

An OS is the most important software that manages other software and hardware in your device. Therefore, take your time to examine the specifications and choose an operating system that suits your needs.

Design and Functionality

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, many people are swayed by their personal taste in terms of outward appearance and software. Some people love slim and sleek designs to showcase their status.

Some also prefer phones with curved and rounded lines designs, whereas others prefer phones with a steadier look characterized by sharp metal edges and straight lines.

With each passing year and new launches done by different brands, we see that smartphones are starting to resemble each other, making it challenging to make a choice. New trends keep emerging with unique looks as brands aim to differentiate their products from the competition. As a consumer, you do well to know the design you love and facilitate your decision-making.

However, you should also consider your phone’s functionality. It won’t be prudent to buy a phone that looks sleek but fall short in performing the function for which you bought it. Therefore, before buying a new phone, double-check the quality of the device and be confident you will use it conveniently and comfortably.

Camera Quality

As Instagram and other social media sites gain popularity, consumers are interested in phones with high-resolution cameras. Manufacturers are paying more attention to camera features as they try to mimic real digital cameras. Some phones have high megapixels, optical stabilization, hybrid autofocus, special effects, manual modes, selfie features, and special effects.

Smartphone cameras are more like digital cameras, and consumers want the best front and back cameras. Though many new buyers look for megapixels, they do not tell you everything. Besides the pixel, you do well to look at lens quality and type of integrated sensors. Most online reviews will provide you with a detailed description of your needs.

If you are skeptical, you can start the camera while at the store to confirm brightness and software features before buying. You could also check the IOS levels, speed of focus, and aperture to ensure good quality.

If your job involves taking lots of high-quality pictures, you can buy a phone with 16 and above megapixels. However, if you have a limited need for pictures, a smartphone with an 8-12 MP camera can work well.

Software and Integrated Functions

Are you obsessed with phones that can do almost anything? Some people love fancy features like heart rate monitor, built-in fingerprint sensor, UV sensor, batmobile, and Swiss Army knife. If you fall under this category, worry no more, you have several options to choose from.

Phone manufacturers promote various hardware designs to woe phone lovers. You can activate the phone’s display at the store and look at its software to ascertain if it has what you need. You can also examine its feature from the published descriptions in the online store.

If you want a smartphone for reading eBooks, you could look for one with an adjustable hue of display and anti-strain eye protection. It is unwise to make a decision purely on appearance without investigating the system’s quality.

The Brand’s Reputation

Before buying a new phone from a new brand, you can do some research on the company. Known brands like Samsung, Apple, Sonny, and LG are often considered safe because they are tested and proven to produce quality. You may not have a problem with these brands.

Some smartphone companies that sell relatively cheaper phones like Huawei, Blu, and OnePlus have been accused of malpractices, with the US intelligence agencies warning against purchasing smartphones from Huawei. One plus and Blu have also been accused of stealing private data and sending it to headquarters.

It is good to check online reviews to see what others say about the product. This will give you insight into the product’s strengths and shortcomings before committing your money. Some smartphones look good outside, but their operating systems may not be fully developed.


Budget is probably the first thing many people consider when they want to buy a phone before moving to other features. After all, if a phone is above your budget range, there is no point in considering other factors. You probably know what you want to spend on your next smartphone.

It is good to be reasonable when deciding to purchase a new phone. Some use all their salary for a new phone, which could significantly affect their budget. However, you could go for affordable new phones with powerful features, though they may not be from a reputable brand.


Smartphones have continued to flood the market as various players do their best to out-perform their competitors. However, before deciding which phone to buy, you do well to evaluate your needs to see which phone suits you. Before buying a new phone, common factors to consider include budget, camera, processor, storage, operating systems, designs, and brand name.


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