What Cryptocurrency Exchange Is The Safest?

Cryptocurrency Exchange

The cryptocurrency market offers numerous platforms for working with digital assets. Some of them are small and offer just a limited list of trading assets; others include a full range of crypto and even some fiat currencies. Everyone picks a platform according to their needs and purposes. However, the crucial requirement for all crypto platforms is to provide secure cryptocurrency trading.

The safest place to trade crypto is a centralized exchange. Such platforms have a central governance body like traditional financial establishments that maintains control over transactions. It is done in the following steps:

  • Every user passes the KYC procedure, providing documents and ID for checking. It usually takes a few days. Every legally working cryptocurrency exchange requires KYC.
  • Due diligence. At this stage, a client is checked for participation in financial fraud.
  • Risk assessment. Transactions on an exchange are constantly monitored, and if any suspicious activity is noticed, the client’s account is blocked, and the report is directed to the regulating authorities. 

Also, CEX additionally enables two-factor authentication for user accounts, as well as implements anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism mechanisms. 

WhiteBIT exchange

This crypto platform is the safest place to trade crypto in Europe. It complies with all the regulator’s requirements and operates legally. WhiteBIT stores 96% of users’ funds in cold wallets to increase safety. 

Clients can configure a two-factor authentication to protect their accounts from third parties.

The platform offers over 400 crypto pairs and pairs with fiat currencies. You can use your bank card to deposit your account. Transaction fees are average – 0.10%, the fee does not depend on the transaction amount. However, when buying with a bank card, you should consider the bank’s commissions.

You can buy cryptocurrency, swap, and practice all possible trading strategies on

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