What is a Back to School Necklace?

    Back to school

    As summer comes to an end, it’s not unusual to hear about everything back to school. Shopping is one of the most popular activities at this time. Parents and kids love to go to the shop for new school clothes.

    However, students talking about back to school necklaces should be aware that they aren’t talking just about a cute new piece of jewelry. You might hear it in conversation, or even on social media. It is instead a troubling phrase. What is a Back-to-School Necklace? We explain.

    What’s a “back -to-school” necklace?

    Urban Dictionary refers to a “another term for a noose” as a back–to-school necklace. This is due the feeling of total despair that you get when school gets back up.

    Examples of its use are: “I am about to purchase evil eye necklace my back–to-school neck necklace,” “I can’t wait for a back–to-school pendant,” “Thinking over that back–to-school chain,” “I feel like that back–to-school bracelet is calling me,” “I can’t wait to wear the back–to–school necklace,” etc.

    While a back to school necklace might sound innocent enough, those who don’t know its true meaning will find it a cry out for help. It is also a code for death through hanging.

    However, once parents have been taught this term they are better equipped to help.

    How should parents and their children discuss the back-toschool necklace phrase?

    Samantha Westhouse LLMSW, psychotherapist and maternal-infant mental health social worker, offers some suggestions for how to discuss this. “Start off with saying “I heard of this thing called back school necklaces–does your child know anything?” She gives her advice. “Open communication is always good. So that your child can feel at ease sharing what they are feeling, it is important not to judge.

    Even if you aren’t able to make it a point to check in, it can help. Emily Cavaleri (LLMSW), a school social worker and child and family therapist, says that parents should feel empowered and able to talk to their children about mental illness in general. Her advice to parents regarding back-to-school conversations is: “Share your personal stories about how it was like starting school every year, especially if you remember feeling anxious as a child. If necessary, you can let them know that your support will allow them to work through their feelings and get professional help.

    What is the reason for so much anxiety as students get closer to the beginning of the schoolyear?

    As students prepare to adjust to a new life after summer, there is some anxiety. Cavaleri explains that “returning to school can seem overwhelming for a number of reasons.” “Some students struggle to think about a different school, a different teacher, a change in schedule, etc.” Students are switching from sleeping in and having a relaxed schedule to working early and being busy.

    Sometimes, these struggles seem insurmountable to students. According to the CDC, “More Than 1 in 3 high school students experienced persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness in 2019, a 40 per cent increase in comparison with 2009.”

    Westhouse adds, “I think it could have something to do with what socialization has looked in the last two years and how the age has changed.” It’s hard to believe that 13-yearolds were still in lockdown when we locked them all down. They were attending school on the internet and missing out regular activities, sports, socialization, and clubs. Add to this the mass school shootings that we have witnessed in recent years. It all has an effect.”

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