What is cloud STMP server and how to use it?


Do you get no or low interest from customers in your newsletter, and promotional emails? Are you still using a traditional SMTP desktop software? If the answer is yes, it’s no wonder your analytics show you low open clicks rate. To ensure the highest open rate, swap to a cloud SMTP server, and see the effects that digital marketing may bring.

What is cloud SMTP?

Emails are transmitted using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which uses a set of commands to authenticate and direct them. SMTP connects the sender’s server to the recipient’s server through a proxy server, or several proxy servers. While traditional email client servers restrict the number of recipients per message to 500, traditional email client servers make the sender divide the recipient list.

You can use a professional cloud-based SMTP server like Emaillabs to send unlimited emails at once, track delivery of each message, tag and compare performance, openability, and clickability, etc. That’s what you might expect from a modern Cloud SMTP provider.


The possibilities of a cloud SMTP 

You don’t need to have specialist programming knowledge to implement SMTP, which will take a few minutes only. Using cloud SMTP is easy to implement, with the configuration that takes only a few minutes. With the protocol, you can easily integrate your email programs, marketing automation systems, online stores, and popular blogs with the protocol.

If you worry using API could offer you more, you should know a cloud SMTP server will be better for companies that don’t send millions of transactional or marketing messages, but are more focused on easy integration and maintenance.


How to send emails via cloud SMTP?

After the decision of replacing the traditional SMTP with a cloud SMTP, it’s necessary to replace the server, into the cloud SMTP server provider, for example Emaillabs. Depending on the CMS system you are using, the steps to take may differ. Emaillabs SMTP cloud server provider has the instructions of replacement and integration for the most commonly used servers available on their website. 

Online shop owners, or bloggers usually use WordPress thanks to its numerous functions. Baselinker and Joomla are also popular in the e-commerce industry. It is possible to integrate Emaillabs with all of the platforms listed above, as well as many more. There are two ways to achieve it, depending on the SMTP server you have used so far.

BaseLinker users need only to replace the data of the SMTP server responsible for the outgoing traffic. In the case of WordPress, the process may be more complicated. One idea is to use the code, another one may be done automatically after downloading popular plugins. After installing and enabling the plugins, go to settings, and fill out the form appearing on the screen.


Choose EmailLabs as cloud SMTP server provider

If you wonder why you should swap from a traditional SMTP to a cloud SMTP server, you should definitely know that the simple change will help you increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns. There are a number of reasons for choosing EmailLabs for your cloud SMTP provider:

  • increase deliverability of your emails, increasing their effectiveness if they are delivered to the main folder, not to the spam folder,
  • build your reputation and trust in your brand you need a dedicated IP address,
  • analyse the real-time statics on how many emails are being clicked on in real time
  • organise the traffic messages into transactional and marketing ones,
  • block sending emails to non-existing addresses.


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