What is medical Tourism?

What is medical Tourism

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Health tourism generally refers to the situation of going out of the country to receive various medical treatments. This expression has been used in the past to describe people receiving a treatment that is not available in their home country, from a country with better facilities in the health sector. Today, however, the phrase has become more inclusive to include going to the country with the better technology or a more affordable price for each different medical procedure. If you’re planning to visit a foreign country for medical tourism, it’s crucial to learn more about the visa requirements for that specific country in order to have a successful and stress-free trip. 

Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism. Many people, from both Europe and America, prefer Turkey for their medical treatment. The reasons why Turkey is popular in health tourism can be listed as follows:

  • As a bridge between East and West, Turkey is highly developed in terms of transportation. Istanbul Airport, which has an annual capacity of 200 million passengers and receives direct flights from 300 different points, provides a convenient transportation opportunity for those who come for medical tourism.
  • Medical procedures in Turkey are about 70% cheaper than prices in Europe and America. There is no difference in quality between the quality of transactions made at this reasonable price and transactions in Europe and America. Many people who are looking for affordable prices and high quality prefer private clinics in Turkey.
  • Many doctors working in clinics where health tourism is held in Turkey have worked in elite universities in Europe and America at some point in their careers. Doctors with a higher education can also communicate very comfortably with people who come for treatment from abroad, as they speak a good level of English.


Why Healdone?

Healdone offers great convenience to those who are planning to come to Turkey for medical tourism. The institution arranges a suitable appointment with your doctor according to the treatment you want to receive. Healdone, who arranges the person’s transportation according to the date of arrival, also helps provide accommodation. (dr4health.com) Where the person’s stay is arranged before and after the procedure. The Foundation also takes care of people before the operation and continues to follow up on their condition after the end of treatment. During the recovery process after surgery, Healdone specialists meet all of the patients’ medical and other needs.

Healdone offers a guarantee of the procedures performed in its clinics. All steps required to successfully achieve the desired result after the procedure are followed by Healdone. Many cosmetic procedures, from dental implants to hair transplants, and from rhinoplasty to gastric bypass, are performed by Healdone. Expert doctors will take the most appropriate steps for you. You can choose Healdone for a trusted medical tourism address. For detailed information, you can call 0212886 00 00.


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