What is Roblox ? Is It suitable for children?


    Is Roblox a suitable online game for your child to play? That’s an excellent question. You may have recently seen a concerning parent’s warning about sex games and children being exposed to inappropriate content on Roblox. Continue reading to learn about the potential risks, the safeguards in place to protect young people, and what parents can do to help their children.

    About Roblox

    Roblox is a popular online gaming platform that allows users to explore various 3D online games. Players can create their own games or worlds for others to explore, or they can discover existing worlds built by other gamers or developers. These worlds are similar to a primitive type of metaverse,’ and they are explored in the form of an avatar that the player creates. 

    Roblox is one of the best platforms for playing games created by other developers. Roblox currently has over 20 million games, making it a massive platform for people who enjoy playing online games.  one of the most popular Roblox exploits is known as ‘Krnl.’ It’s a storefront-style streaming service that showcases all of the games created by its users.

    Is Roblox suitable for children?

    Children enjoy Roblox because it encourages creativity by allowing them to create or discover a wide range of bright and colorful worlds in which they can have fun using their imagination and role-playing with their friends – but is Roblox really appropriate for kids? The most important thing to remember is that Roblox is not designed for children; its users are gamers and developers of all ages from all over the world, including adults, and it is not recommended for children under the age of 13. Most importantly, regardless of how strict the filters, online safety settings, and moderators are on these platforms, there is still some shocking and inappropriate content on Roblox that evades these safety measures.

     What makes Roblox inappropriate?

    There are some serious risks for children who play online games, and Roblox is no exception. Parents should be aware, among other things, that the ‘chat’ option may expose children to explicit language, adult content, cyberbullying, and abuse. Language filters are in place, but users have discovered ways around them, and chat is not moderated. Furthermore, some users use third-party chat apps that appear to be part of the game but bypass any parental controls you may have set up. Again, while stricter settings are automatically applied to accounts for children under 13, there is still a chance your child will come across a scary or gruesome game that is inappropriate for their age group.

    What steps is Roblox taking to address inappropriate content?

    In light of these recent reports, Roblox has issued a blog post reiterating its commitment to its developer and user communities. They assure users that “safety and civility have been our core values from the beginning and drive everything we do.” Roblox, as a company, has safeguarding measures in place, and its safety-first culture’ includes the following:

    • Using machine and human detection to review all uploaded content
    • Putting chat filters in place
    • Putting together a team of safety experts
    • Implementing Community Standards and Tools for Reporting Abuse
    • There will be no tolerance for inappropriate content on Roblox for their age group.

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    Roblox also has a social component, with players encouraged to interact, play, and collaborate with other users via chat functions. Parents should be aware that the ‘chat’ option, among other things, may expose children to explicit language, adult content, cyberbullying, and abuse. Language filters are in place, but users have found ways around them, and chat is not moderated. 

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