Where Can I Watch Saw Movies?

Where Can I Watch Saw

Saw is an iconic franchise that takes us on a thrilling adventure, mind-blowing puzzles, and challenges. With each new installment, this franchise pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, combining suspense and psychological exploration.

If you are a horror enthusiast, chances are you have already watched some Saw movies. But I understand the thing: the hair-raising fear of Saw movies never seems to fade away. So you must be wondering where I can watch saw movies these days. Don’t worry; we have got your back.

You can watch Saw movies on Starz, DIRECTV, and STARZ Amazon Channel. The film is also available on all the popular online retailing sites, including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, Redbox, DIRECTV, Vudu, and Microsoft Store. No matter what option you choose, the bone-shivering Saw movie is going to blow your mind.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of shocks and thrills. 

Where To Watch Saw Movies Online

Saw movies take us to a captivating world where Jigsaw tests his victims with thought-provoking games and traps. With a total of nine films, this nail-biting series has gained tremendous popularity worldwide. The series is not only limited to scares. Instead, it’s an exploration of the human psyche.

Since its debut in 2004, the series has dominated the horror genre world. In fact, it has become one of the most successful franchises within this genre. If you are a fan of horror movies, I’m sure you are looking for the best way to see these movies right now.

Here are all the platforms where you can stream Saw movies:


The Saw series has introduced one of the most iconic horror movie characters of all time. It is a thrilling franchise that keeps the audience hooked till the last second.

If you have a STARZ subscription, you can stream Saw movies right from your home. Here’s how to do so:

  • Sign up for a STARZ subscription. It only costs $9 monthly.
  • Once you have the account, look for the movie title. You will see all nine movies of the franchise.
  • Please select one of them and hit the play button. It’s best to start with the first movie, Saw 2004.  

STARZ Amazon Channel

Get ready for a wild ride filled with surprises in the Saw movies. The movie’s plot is going to take you to unexpected turns and clever flashbacks. As the story continues, it will spice up the environment and reveal how all the victims are connected to Jigsaw’s twisted games.

Fortunately, these award-winning Saw movies are on Starz Amazon Channel. Here’s the complete guide to watching the film through this platform:

  1. Go to your Amazon account and select “channels.”
  2. From them, click on STARZ and sign up for an account.
  3. Once the subscription is done, search for “Saw.”
  4. Now choose a Saw movie to start with.

I’m sure once you get in the Jigsaw’s twisted games, you won’t be able to stop yourself from watching other Saw movies.


DIRECTV is another way to watch all Saw movies. The first Saw movie was released in 2004 and was directed by award-winning director James Wan. Tobin Bell played the iconic character “Jigsaw.” He absolutely nailed the character giving nightmares to thousands of Saw fans.

However, you can watch all the Saw movies if you have a DIRECTV subscription. Here’s a quick guide to watching all Saw movies on DIRECTV:

  • Visit the DIRECTV website and sign-up for a free account.
  • Once you have it, click on the search icon and search for the movie name.
  • All nine movies of this franchise will show up at the top.
  • Click on the first Saw movie and enjoy streaming.

Is Saw On Netflix?

The answer will depend on your location because Netflix offers different library for each other region. As we are talking about Saw movies, let’s see where the title is available on Netflix.

The Saw movies are streaming on Netflix in Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada. So if you are searching Saw movies on Netflix from the USA, UK, or another region of the world, you will see the error message that the title is not available.

However, if you are a fan of Saw movies, don’t worry. Luck is still on your side. You can still watch your favorite Saw movies with your Netflix subscription. Here’s the way to do so:

  • Register for a top-rated VPN service and look for a German or Japanese server.
  • Once you find any of them, click on it.
  • Now enter your Netflix account and search “Saw.”
  • This time all the Saw movies will appear in front of you.
  • Choose one of those movies and hold on to your seats as you are going to enter the world of bone-shivering survival games.

Where Can I Watch Saw Movies for Free Online?

You can watch all Saw movies on Tubi TV for free. Tubi TV is a legal and trusted, free platform to watch movies and TV shows for free. There are other free websites out there that offer Saw movies. But we don’t recommend them because they don’t give a guarantee of user privacy.

Where Can I Watch Saw in the UK?

One of the most successful horror franchises, Saw, is streaming on Netflix, SKY, and Now TV Cinema in the UK. If you subscribe to any of those platforms, you can enjoy the twisted game of Jigsaw right away, sitting in your comfort.

The Saw movies are also available to buy or rent on digital platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, Youtube, Sky Store, Rakuten TV, and Chili. To stream the Saw movies online, visit any of these platforms and pay for the film. The movie will be downloaded to your device.

That means you can enjoy these movies whenever you are in the mood for some bone-shivering movies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Saw Film?

According to different popular sources, the first Saw movie, 2004, is considered the best Saw film. Because of the shocking ending, this original Saw movie is known as one of the scariest horror movies ever. Though the budget has increased after this movie, and the traps and characters have developed a lot, the original Saw movie is on a different level.

Is Saw R Rated?

The award-winning franchise, Saw, is R rated. There are strong language, brutality, violence, and scary content.

Can I Watch Saw Movies on HBO Max?

Saw movies are available on HBO Max only in Brazil and Argentina. Outside of these two regions, you won’t find the title on HBO Max. But if you use a top-rated VPN, you can unlock this geo-restriction and stream Saw movies on your favorite streaming site HBO Max.

How Many Saw Movies Are There?

Now, nine Saw movies have already been released. The tenth movie of this franchise is on the way to the premiere. Starting from 2004, this franchise has given successful films one after another. The latest Saw movie was released in 2021.

When The Saw 10 Will Release?

The 10th movie of the Saw franchise will be released on October 2023. This installment is named Saw X. If you are a Saw movie fan, hold onto your Jigsaw as Saw is on the way to blow your mind away.

Final Words

The Saw movies streaming on Starz, DIRECTV, and STARZ Amazon Channel. The film is also available on all the popular online retailing sites, including Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Youtube, Redbox, DIRECTV, Vudu, and Microsoft Store.

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