Which card to apply for receiving a salary


    The heads of small and large enterprises have long switched to the system of issuing wages to subordinates by non-cash method. It is attractive not only for its convenience, but also for its automated format, because you do not have to independently issue a salary to each employee. In addition, this indicates a certain credibility of the company, its legitimacy and respect for the face of the law. What card to issue for receiving a salary was told by the experts of the financial service WestStein.

    It should be noted in advance that the WestStein prepaid card is a comfortable and worthy tool for receiving salaries, especially if payments come in the international currency euro. Our institution has made sure that clients can freely implement all their financial ideas absolutely legally and at the same time maintaining the confidentiality of data. We set ourselves the task of simplifying the receipt of a card, so ordering a Mastercard prepaid card is possible in just a couple of clicks, for this you only need free access to the network and a gadget at hand.

    Individual salary card: how is it different from other carriers?

    A salary card is often an ordinary personalized debit card that is issued by a bank to a person as part of a salary agreement. Its holder only needs to get the plastic and use it, the employer takes care of the rest. It is the management of the company that pays for the service, the amount of which is individually assigned by the bank.

    Any person, even self-employed, can apply for a salary card from our service. To do this, you need to register and verify on the WestStein website. We assure you that it will not take much time, and you will not need to collect a large package of documentation. In turn, getting a virtual card is a profitable investment not only for those who shop online. Digital-card is easily added to mobile applications like Google Pay, which allows you to pay with electronic money in physical stores.

    Before ordering a salary card, you should understand that you can pay with it everywhere: in banks, shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, fitness centers, pharmacies and even abroad, because the Mastercard payment system is accepted all over the world and is especially popular in European countries.

    Thanks to the support of our service, customers can implement all their financial transactions quickly and without problems.

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